Guest players will be accepted for Festival 2016. Below is a list of all available athletes looking to participate with a team. If you are an athlete looking to get added to this list please contact Chelsea Mitchell at If you are a club that picks up a guest player please email us the player that you contacted so that we can remove them from this list!

Chelsea Snellen  Adult 
Sarah Rigual  U-14  Mid/Forward 
 Matt Hanson Adult 
 Jamie Marold U-16 GK 
 Madeline Tierney U-14  Mid / Defense 
Tori Buser  Adult Defense 
Marla Colino  U-19  Mid / Defense 
Abigail Walrond  U-16  GK 
 Lindsey Hatch Adult 
 Suzy Deems U-19  GK 
Logan Donahue  U-19  GK 
Ria Chhina  U-14  Mid / Forward 
 Taylor Wildes U-19 GK 
 Meagan Olson U-16 GK 
 Kita Konerth Adult  GK 
 Jordan Robertson U-16  Forward 
 Kaylee Morrison U-19  Mid / Defense 
 Meghan Hyatt U-14  Mid / Defense 
 Dina Alissi U-19  Mid 
 Elizabeth Provost U-19  Mid / Defense 
 Marissa Florio U-19  GK 
 Taylor Sullivan U-16  Forward 
 Siani Richardson U-19  Mid / Defense 
Olivia Maisano  U-14  Mid / Forward 
 Megan Davison Adult Forward
 Camryn Kelly U-19  Defense 
 Kaylie Smith U-19  Forward 
Christina Jensen  U-19  GK 
 Lola Dada U-19  GK 
 Omowumi Popoola
U-16 GK