European Masters Open

Lisnagarvey, Ireland

Aug. 10 - 18, 2013

The tournament organizers have released the match schedule for the European Masters Open, August 13 – 17, 2013 at the Lisnagarvey Hockey Club, Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The U.S. is sending one team, the Men’s Masters O-50 National Team, to the tournament. The team opens with a game against Wales on Tuesday August 13, and then follows a grueling schedule of one game each day for four consecutive days. The full schedule is as follows:

 Teams  Score
 Tuesday, August 13, 2013                 USA vs Holland              2-2             
 Wednesday, August 14, 2013  USA vs Wales  0-2
 Thursday, August 15, 2013  USA vs Scotland   0-4 
 Friday, August 16, 2013  USA vs England  1-4
 Saturday, August 17, 2013  USA vs Ireland  0-4 


Name Hometown
Mike Coleman  Corona, Cali.
Phil Danaher  Tatamy, Pa.
Andrew Dunning  Retford, UK
Neville Gardner  Bethlehem, Pa.
Simon Gray  Sacramento, Cali.
Richard Hayden  Ashburn, Va.
Dieter Hillert   Encinitas, Cali.
Peter Jones   Stamford, Conn.
John Michalak   Camarillo, Cali.
Steve Pany   Schnecksville, Pa.
Warren Prestwich   Baltimore, Md.
Curtis Sherk   Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Brian Spencer   Los Angeles, Cali.
Morgan Stebbins   Garrison, N.Y.
Ian Wagge    Phoenix, Ariz.
Don Warner   Henrico, Va.
Amjad Zia   Nottingham, UK