A behind the scenes story told in photos by members of the U.S. Women's National Team on tour in New Zealand for the Four Nations tourney

Photo by Getty Images / Dawson chats with an umpire during Team USA's final Four Nations match

Photo by Getty Images / Melissa Gonzalez carries the ball past two Korean defenders

Photo by Torrie Albini / Characters. 

Photo by Torrie Albini / Preparing for Argentina. We drew 1-1 to the No. 2 team in the world. 

Photo by Torrie Albini / Ice baths in trash bins. Recovery is critical, especially when you're playing eight games in twelve days against some of the best teams in the world. 

Photo by Jackie Kinzter/ Lauren Crandall celebrated her 200th cap with Team USA prior to a match against Korea in Hamilton, New Zealand as part of the second leg of the Four Nations tourney

Photo by Jackie Kintzer / Team USA lines up for the playing of the National Anthem before a match against Korea 

Photo by Torrie Albini / Cuckoo from being cooped up 

Photo by Torrie Albini / This team is quite fond of books. Passing a 3.5 hour drive to Hamilton for the start of the second four nations 

Photo by Jackie Kintzer / Downtime in New Zealand

Photo by Torrie Albini / Team USA watching New Zealand take on Korea alongside a few thousand fans 

Photo by Torrie Albini / The committed hacky sackers before the Argentina match... a pre-game ritual

Photo by Jackie Kinzter / "States"

Photo by Jackie Kinzter / Five collegiate stars wearing the red, white and blue for the first time with the U.S. Women's National Team

Photo by Torrie Albini / Some downtime spent on Skype, WhatsApp and Netflix

Photo by Neal Martin / View from the U.S. bench during the New Zealand match 

Photo by Neal Martin / A large crowd came out to watch USA take on host New Zealand

Photo by Neal Martin / Young Kiwi holds the American flag during the playing of the National Anthems before the USA vs New Zealand match

Photo by Torrie Albini / Team breakfast. We love the poached eggs, plum jam, soft bread & strong coffee 

Photo by Neal Martin / Argentina sets up for a U.S. penalty corner in the first match of the tournament

Photo by Torrie Albini / Trainer Jess keeping the team healthy 

Photo by Torrie Albini / Heading to the game with a slight afternoon rain. Luckily the quick shower passed and we had impeccable weather for our game against Argentina. 

Photo by Torrie Albini / Enjoying coffee & teammates

Photo by Torrie Albini / Seizing the opportunity to take a dip in the New Zealand bliss

Photo by Jackie Kintzer | Goldfish are a staple snack on tour

Photo by Jackie Kintzer / Documenting Caitlin Van Sickle's first tour with Team USA

Photo by Jackie Kintzer / Team travel is organized chaos

Photo by Torrie Albini / Accessories for the tour to New Zealand