What are you waiting for? Come Discover Field Hockey!

What is Discover Field Hockey?

Discovery Field Hockey is a 90-minute introductory clinic for boys and girls who have never participated in field hockey previously or have had limited exposure to the sport. Boys and girls will learn from trained coaches from local schools, clubs and recreational programs in the area. The 90-minute clinic provides boys and girls with a fun, active and learner-centered approach to the game.

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Who is it for?

Boys and girls, ages 5-14 who want to discover field hockey for the first time!

What is the participant cost?

The cost is $30 per participant. Field hockey stick, two practice balls, t-shirt and drawstring bag.


Where can I find a Discover Field Hockey Clinic?

Find all of the currently scheduled 2022 Discover Field Hockey Clinics by visiting the Upcoming Events page.

How can I host a Discover Field Hockey Clinic?

Hosting a Discover Field Hockey Clinic is a great way to grow the game in your area. If interested in running a Discover Field Hockey Clinic, please reach out to sportdevelopment@usafieldhockey.com and list the subject line as Discover Field Hockey Clinic Interest – City, State. Please reach out at least 8 weeks in advance of the potential clinic date.


Contact sportdevelopment@usafieldhockey.com for more information on Discover Field Hockey.