ParaHockey is a further complementary version of the sport that is played in some parts of the world by athletes with intellectual disabilities. USA Field Hockey does not currently field a team but would like to assist any club or organization interested in forming a team to and make hockey more accessible to all.

One of the values of the USA Field Hockey American Development Model is Accessibility and Inclusion. In short, our goal is to make the sport available to all people to enjoy.


ParaHockey (II) is World Hockey’s (FIH) adapted format for players with Intellectual Impairment. The format for international matches is 7v7 (including a goalkeeper) on a half pitch. Games are 24-30 minutes total with a 5-minute halftime. Goals can only be scored after entering the shooting zone or “D” area. Shootouts replace penalty corners in the format. 


While at the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup London 2018, representatives of USA Field Hockey’s Sport Development team had the opportunity to learn more about ParaHockey, and to watch it being played. They met with Norman Hughes, FIH ParaHockey Sports Director, and spoke to him about the goals for ParaHockey to grow and achieve full member sport status with the Special Olympics and International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) over the next few years.


ParaHockey has grown across the globe. In 2011, four nations were delivering ParaHockey programming. In 2019, 15 nations offer ParaHockey:

  • 11 European Countries: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Wales
  • 1 Pan Am: Argentina
  • 1 Asia: Malaysia
  • 2 Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

USA Field Hockey would like to encourages anyone interested in ParaHockey to reach out to for more information.

Parahockey (ID) calendar of competition & events 2021/22/23

 Date  Event  Venue  Level of Competition  Organizer
 December  EHF ParaHockey Forum  Brussels,
 Leaders from Across Europe  EHF/NAs
 June 2-5
 World ParaHockey (ID)  Championships
 3 Levels
 National Elite Teams - CHAMPIONSHIPS - Top Level
 National Developing Teams - TROPHY - Intermediate Level
 National Emerging Teams - CHALLENGE - Start Up Level Clubs or National Group
 June 10-12  SO Netherlands National Games  Enschede,
 3 Levels International and Local  SO Netherlands/
 July 16-24  Virtus Europe Games  Krakow,
 Elite Level Teams  FIH/EHF/
 Virtus Europe
 August 26-28  International ParaHockey Festival  Wakefield,
 Club teams from Across Europe and World  Wakefield HC/EHB/
 Access Sports
 December  FIH ParaHockey Forum  Brussels,
 Leaders from Across Europe  FIH/EHF/
 July  Virtus Global Games  France
 Elite National Teams  Virtus/LOC/
 August  Special Olympics World Games  Berlin,
 All Levels  SOI/SOG/LOC/
 December  FIH ParaHockey Forum  Brussels,
 Leaders from Across Europe  FIH/EHF/