It's fun to play games and compete.

The USA Field Hockey American Development Model provides a progressive approach to preparing athletes, coaches and umpires for long-term success, not just success today. By providing developmentally appropriate games and competition formats, players get to play in ways that align with their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.


The ADM is all about age and stage appropriate learning, how and when to coach, train and play, and offering the right competition at the right time.


A fun small-sided game for beginners. Play on any available surface, indoor or outdoor, with modified rules and equipment.
A common half-field format for athletes under the age of 14, or when facilities or number of players dictate a smaller game. High school, college and all international Olympic competitions are played in an 11v11 format.

Indoor is officially a 6v6 game and modifications to the size of the court, the number of players, positions and equipment are encouraged to suit the stage of development.
  Introduced by England Hockey, Walking Hockey is a newer game of field hockey. Field size and equipment are flexible and the goal is fun, fitness and inclusivity.

  Hockey is fun to play barefoot on the beach or sand! Fields are smaller, with modified equipment.

Hockey 5s was introduced by the FIH in 2014 and is being played internationally. Hockey 5s is played outdoor with boards around the entire field.

  ParaHockey for athletes with intellectual disabilities is growing internationally, and it's time for the United States to get involved to make the sport more accessible to all.