BelievePerform for Coaches & Umpires

The Mental Fitness Program Upgrade has been developed to help coaches and umpires learn how to improve their own mental health and that of their student-athletes. The membership is focused on providing high-quality knowledge and resources that will provide coaches with a toolbox of skills which can be utilized. Coaches will learn applied and practical skills which they can use on and off their chosen field of play. Coaches can share learnings with their student-athletes as a way to increase knowledge and prevent future mental health issues.


Umpires need every advantage they can get when preparing to cope with the pressure and speed of today’s game. Recently, top-level officials across the world have incorporated mental health training as part of their regular fitness routine. Mental health and coping with pressure are integral when facing split-second decision making in hostile environments. This new approach to training is being used worldwide and is seen as a necessity to the preparation process. With the adaptation of technology in every sport, today’s officials are being held to higher standards, including more scrutinization of each decision. This type of training is not only applicable to today’s top-level officials. Regardless of the level on the field, the expectation for every official has never been higher. The BelievePerform training program will help deliver impactful results that can be utilized on and off the pitch.

“Training Plans” are short, applied and practical packs which include video presentations, worksheets, infographics, PDF booklets and audio files. They focus on helping learn how to use psychological skills to improve performance and mental health.

Educational “Online Courses” are developed to provide theoretical underpinning of performance psychology and mental health. Online Courses are more than two hours in length and include video presentations, worksheets, infographics, PDF booklets and audio files. Online Courses will provide knowledge and understanding of how to use practical skills to improve performance.


*Robin Kuik, UT MSSW & MPH Candidate 2019 and Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPH

The BelievePerform Mental Fitness Program Upgrade is available for all field hockey stakeholders in three options based on your demographic. You have chosen Coaches and Umpires.

Directions on How to purchase the BelievePerform Mental Fitness Upgrade:

1.     USA Field Hockey Members should click here. This link will take you directly to the BelievePerform website and purchasing page. 

a.     Enter your contact information, email, address and phone number. This is also where you will be asked to set your password – your email will be your login.

b.     Make the payment of $25 using a credit card.

2.     You will then receive an email confirming the purchase.

3.     The upgrade lasts for 1-year from the day you purchased, even if your USA Field Hockey Membership may lapse, you will still be able to gain access to all materials. 


USA Field Hockey’s partnership with BelievePerform offers members for just $25 per year (reduced down from $127 per year), the USA Field Hockey/BelievePerform Mental Fitness Program Upgrade gives access to content customized specifically for USA Field Hockey Members.


The website houses a number of online courses and training plans which focus on teaching people applied and practical skills which can help contribute to building positive mental health habits. New content will continually be added and shared.