USA Field Hockey

National Office Staff Technical and Umpire Staff

Amanda Combs | Technical Officer
Simon Hoskins | Chief Operating Officer Pam Heifer | Technical Officer
Janet Paden | Chief Financial Officer Mike Lipka | Technical Officer
Karen Collins | Director of Event Logistics Jeanne O'Brien | Technical Officer
  Chelsea Mitchell | Membership and Events Manager Barb Terosso | Technical Officer
  Glen Hollingsworth | Membership and Events Coordinator Mary Willey | Technical Officer
Steve Horgan | Director of Umpiring Morgan Ames | Umpire 
Caitie Tornes | Manager of Futures and Olympic Development Garrett Best | Umpire
Jeremy Randall | Coordinator of Futures and Olympic Development Ron Borcious | Umpire
  Kait Mitchell | Communications Manager Susan Burke | Umpire
  Teryn Brill | Communications Coordinator
Christine Couteau | Umpire
  Katie Naughton | Commercial Manager
Ahngelique Davis | Umpire
  Kyle Boyer | National Development Director
Ruth Debesse | Umpire
Liz Tchou | Sport Development Senior Manager Aaron Dudek | Umpire
Bronwen Gainsford | Sport Development Coordinator Kathryn Grove | Umpire
Wendy Hess | Umpire
Event Support Staff Lilly Hertzig | Umpire
  Karen Collins | Event Director Patricia Heywood | Umpire
Chelsea Mitchell | Venue Manager Won Kim | Umpire
Sally Scarborough | Schedule and  Results Manager Jesse Larson | Umpire 
Terri Sawyer | Schedule and Results Announcer Lou Moglino | Umpire
  Jeremy Randall | Futures Manager Cindy Place | Umpire
  Teryn Brill | Communications Manager Julie Rochat | Umpire
  Katie Naughton | Vendor Manager Dean Rust | Umpire
Lisa McCoy | Development Manager
Whit Ryan | Umpire
Keli Puzo | Development Manager Lisa Schieffelin | Umpire
Warren Prestwich | Development Manager Chrystal St. Onge | Umpire
    Sherry Swope | Umpire
    Tucker Warford | Umpire
    Joshua Yurofsky | Umpire
    Judith Yurofsky | Umpire