USA Field Hockey

National Office Staff Technical and Umpire Staff
Steve Locke | Executive Director Lurah Hess | NFC Technical Director
Simon Hoskins | Chief Operating Officer Jeanne O'Brien | NFC Technical Officer
Janet Paden | Chief Financial Officer Sue McHenry | NFC Technical Officer
Karen Collins | Director of Event Logistics Pat Yeager | NFC Technical Officer
Steve Horgan | Director of Umpiring Mary Willey | NFC Technical Officer
Laura Darling | National Development Director Nora Boyer | NFC Umpire Manager
Caitie Tornes | Manager of Futures and Olympic Development Programs Fran Corl | NFC Umpire Manager
Chelsea Mitchell | Athlete and Olympic Development Coordinator Morgan Ames | NFC Umpire
Liz Tchou | Sport Development Senior Manager Ridge Bair | NFC Umpire
Simone Attles | Sport Development and Marketing Manager Vonnetta Brooks | NFC Umpire
Kait Mitchell | Communications Manager Lily Herzig | NFC Umpire
Kaitlin Piosa | Communications Coordinator Patricia Heywood | NFC Umpire
Emily Thomas | Membership and Events Manager Judy Hollenbach | NFC Umpire
Tyler Parthemer | Membership and Events Coordinator Ashley Lemanski | NFC Umpire
Katie Naughton | Commercial Manager Lesley Loeb | NFC Umpire
Mandy Turner | Finance Intern Jerri Lucas | NFC Umpire
Louise Robinson | NFC Umpire
Event Support Staff David Skalski | NFC Umpire
Karen Marley | Venue Manager Harcharn Sokhi | NFC Umpire
Sally Scarborough | Schedule & Results Manager Crystal St. Onge | NFC Umpire
Hannah Blagg | Intern Jodi Strawser | NFC Umpire
Kateland Gonzales | Intern Kristie Toupin | NFC Umpire
Trent Johnson | Intern Peg Wilfong | NFC Umpire
Gino Mangino | Intern
Justin McCash | Intern
Enrique Rodriguez | Intern
Dakota Stupar | Intern