USA Fencing Membership
USA Fencing membership is required by all individual members of USA Fencing Member Clubs who utilize the USA Fencing insurance program.   Competitive memberships are required to compete in any USA Fencing sanctioned event.  The membership year coincides with the fencing season which occurs between August 1 and the following July 31. All dues are payable on application for membership and thereafter on or before the next membership year begins.  Membership dues are not prorated at any time.

Membership Dues
The annual dues of the USA Fencing for the 2012/2013 season, effective August 1, 2012, as approved by the USA Fencing Board of Directors, are as follows:


(Annual except for those
marked *)


Non-Competitive $5 N/A
Competitive $65 $170


Add Professional for Life Members






Add-on for parents of competitive members under 18








Life Installment $120 N/A
Life Member Benefactor

Bronze Tier

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Platinum Tier






$25 (Domestic)

$37 (International)



Affiliate Club $50 N/A
Member Club $350 N/A
Corporate $500 N/A

Ready to Join USA Fencing?
If you are a first time member with no previous account, click here to register online  & follow the directions below:

Step 1. Answer NO to the questions.
Step 2. Complete profile -- click NEXT -- Select USA Fencing membership level.
Step 3. Approve waiver -- click NEXT -- process credit card payment.
Step 4. Print receipt & click HOME.
Step 5. Need to print your membership card? See link below.

If you do not wish to join or renew online, click here to download the membership application.

Already a USA Fencing Member?
If you are renewing your existing membership  click here.  

Step 1.  Answer YES to the questions.

Step 2.  Login  with email & password (skip to Step 5.)

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Step 4.  Login -- Reset password – Update profile -- Click NEXT

Step 5.  Select USA Fencing membership level --Approve waiver--Click NEXT

Step 6.  Process payment, print receipt & click Home. 

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The system will use the email address you have on file with US Fencing.  If you notice that your email address has changed, or if the system cannot locate your email address, please contact us: 

Note, if you have recently renewed by fax or mail, please allow time for us to update this system with your renewal information.  We are working to have your information available to you a.s.a.p.

Things you will be able to do online:

  • Update your contact information
  • View your membership data & payment activity
  • Print your membership card with classifications included!
  • Create a bio for yourself

Things you will not be able to do:
  • Edit your classifications
  • Change your club or division
  • Upload a photo - this feature will be available again soon!

If you need to make changes to your classification, club or division, please contact the USA Fencing National

For online processing & best viewing- please use:

For PC’s - MS IE7 or higher and Mozilla Firefox latest version

For Mac’s - Mozilla Firefox latest version

Allow Pop-Ups & set as a trusted site

High speed internet connection:  cable-modem or digital

If you do not wish to join or renew online, click here to download the membership application.

Tournament Officials, download a current list of members here.