A safe environment for our members is of utmost importance to USA Diving. It’s why we choose to follow the standards set by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and the U.S Center for Safe Sport and maintain a thorough background screening process.

All coach and official members, as well as staff members, board members, medical staff, and adult athlete members and those individuals participating in training camps, international trips and other USA Diving-sponsored activities are required to have a criminal background screening completed. Meet directors and hosts, and volunteers who have direct contact in a supervisory role with minor athletes, or consistent and regular contact with covered persons will also complete a background screening. 

USA Diving is helping our members create safe environments for athletes, coaches and everyone associated with their programs. While our members' clubs and organizations are not operated by USA Diving, and USA Diving does not control their activities, we provide information about various safety related actions which may be available to our members, and encourage our members to use these resources. Please carefully review the policy below. 

WHEREAS, In 2003 the USA Diving Board of Directors established a policy requiring that certain individuals involved with the corporation would be required to undergo background screening. A copy of this policy is on file at the Corporate office of USA Diving; and

WHEREAS, that policy has been regularly enforced since 2004; and

WHEREAS, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee requires all National Governing Bodies to follow its comprehensive background screening policy for members involved with minor athletes.

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of USA Diving that the following policy regarding background screening replace the existing policy.

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 2019 (the first day of registration for the next membership year commencing on 12/31/2020)

1. Introduction

A safe environment for participants and members is important to USA Diving. Therefore, USA Diving will require criminal background searches for individuals involved with our programs. Consistent with our responsibility to undertake actions that are in the best interest of the participants in the sport of Diving, USA Diving will select an outside third party agency (Background Screening Vendor) to perform criminal background screenings on all selected as a prerequisite for membership.

Criminal background screening is one step in the hiring of a new employee. Club administrators, parents groups, and other entities that hire coaches need to be thorough in checking the background and work history of any potential hire and that is especially true for anyone that will be working with children and young adults. Each hiring authority should take the time to check references and prior employers and should be cautious in hiring anyone that does not provide a complete employment history including reasonable contact information for prior employers.

Take common sense precautions when hiring.

2. Persons Subject To Background Screening

The following individuals are required to complete a criminal background screening:
All coach and judge/official members
All National Office staff, board members and medical staff
All adult athlete members
All individuals supervising training camps, international trips and other USA Diving-sponsored activities.
Meet directors and hosts, and volunteers who have direct contact in a supervisory role with minor athletes, or consistent and regular contact with covered persons as a part of team operations.

Persons subject to background screening must be screened at least once every two membership cycles.

3. Scope of Background Check

Every individual required to submit to a background screening must complete, sign and date the Consent and Waiver form. No participation will be allowed in restricted activities until a passed screening is received. Click here to view the USOPC background screening policy for National Governing Bodies.