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Development Diving Grants Available to Help Clubs Reach Underserved Divers

July 14, 2020, 12:48 p.m. (ET)

USA Diving Development Grants are offered through the Anthony Taylor Foundation for Aquatic Sports and Fitness to USA Diving affiliated local diving clubs in good standing. The purpose is to introduce disadvantaged youth to competitive diving and to support their continued training and development as athletes and responsible members of their communities. We seek to grow our sport, broadening it to include kids who might otherwise not be able to afford the cost.

The Development Grants program began in 2017 with a single grant of $3000, awarded to Mission Viejo. Since then the program has awarded five additional grants of up to $5000 each.

How it Works

The Development Grants program gives maximum flexibility to local clubs to structure their program. Some clubs have used the grant to support a group of first-time divers for a short-term program of instruction. Others expanded the training offered to disadvantaged divers who were already members of their club or to underwrite the expenses of divers at USA Diving competitions.

For example, our first grant recipient, Mission Viejo, titled its program “Discover a Diver,” and reached out to local organizations including the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club to generate interest.  A group of ten disadvantaged kids took part in a summer of instruction and fun activities that included a wrap-up celebration and mock dive meet.  Its program continued for a second year with a second group of new divers along with some from the first group “graduating” to the club’s regular training groups. 

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