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USA Diving Announces CEO Resignation

By USA Diving | Feb. 07, 2020, 12:33 p.m. (ET)

Message from the Board of Directors:


The USA Diving Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Terry Bassett as the Chief Executive Officer of USA Diving.  The Board has initiated the process to select the new executive leader. In the interim, our very capable staff and High-Performance Team continue to perform at an outstanding level. All upcoming spring and summer events remain a top priority and will continue as planned.  USA Diving is committed to fielding the best Olympic Team that we can produce at Trials.The NBC coverage of our Trials and the planning for the surrounding events also continue as planned.


USA Diving has recently undergone significant changes in governance and oversight responsibilities and this progress is continuing without interruption.  The Board assures you that it is completely focused on doing everything necessary to provide the best environments and opportunities for our athletes, coaches, and members.Additionally, the Board has designated a management committee of the Board to oversee and support the operations of USA Diving. 


The USOPC is aware of the Board’s action and remains supportive and confident in our progress.  We will keep you posted on the CEO search and we thank you for your continued support as we move through this transition.




David J. Gascon


Board of Directors

USA Diving 






1.     Why did he resign?  It was a mutually agreed decision that Mr. Bassett's resignation was appropriate at this time.


2.     Why? Although personnel matters are confidential, it was obvious that Mr. Bassett no longer had the confidence of the Board of Directors and Staff. 


3.     Who is running USA Diving?  We have a very good staff running day to day operations and have appointed a Management Committee of the Board to help oversee critical functions and provide guidance for the staff. 


4.     How does this impact USA Diving events or NGB status?  The USOPC is aware of the change and we don’t expect this to impact their assessment of our NGB status.  USA Diving sponsored events will not be impacted.


5.     When will a new CEO be hired?  We do not have an exact timeline but will be moving expeditiously to find the right person. 


6.  Is USA Diving still moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado?  Yes, there have been delays due to the renovation of the designated USA Diving offices.  The move into the new Headquarters will progress in a phased manner in the coming weeks.  The current USAD Headquarters remains fully operational until the transition is completed.


7.  The USAD contacts for key issues are as follows:


Safe Sport, Taylor Payne,

Membership and event registration- Taylor Wilson,

Event information- Chris Zukas,


Insurance questions- Taylor Payne,


Governance and Bylaws- Jen Lowery,


Education- Leslie Hasselbach Adams,


High Performance, Dan Laak,

       Elizabeth Millard,


Board of Review, Taylor Payne,