College Bound

By USA Diving | Nov. 13, 2019, 1:58 p.m. (ET)

The NCAA signing period for diving begins November 13, 2019 and many divers will be signing their National Letters of Intent.

Divers, please let us know where you’ve committed or will be signing. Coaches, let us know who you’ve signed. Please email to be added to the list.

The list below is based on information we’ve seen in news reports, on social media, or in messages sent to USA Diving.


(This page was last updated on February 18, 2020)

Megan Aho - Brown University
Sarah Ballard - University of Iowa
Alex Barnes – University of Wisconsin
Christina Beinet - Northeastern University
Brooke Bernhardt - Indiana State University
Bailey Betzer – Indiana State University
Hayley Beutel - Towson University
Haley Bujeda - Florida International University
Riley Bullock - Ball State University
Justin Burke - Northern Michigan University
Jayne Burrhus – University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Jordan Campbell - University of Delaware
Jade Canady - University of North Carolina, Asheville
Maria Coburn - University of Arizona
Francesca Colby - University of California, Berkeley
Lucas Dekaney - St. Bonaventure University
Alice Diakova - Columbia University
Bria Diorio - University of South Carolina
Sara DiStefano - Stony Brook University
Darby Drake - University of Nebraska, Omaha
Ella Drazek - University of Delaware
Samuel Duncan - University of Kentucky
Noah Duperre - University of Texas
Megan Ewoldt - Auburn University
Ana Laura Faoro - University of Connecticut
Jordyn Feiwell - University of Arkansas
Julia Fidanza - Princeton University
Tara Fitzgerald - University of Cincinnati
Anne Fowler - Indiana University
Madalyn Freece - Liberty University
Regina Frias – Bucknell University
Jonathan Geraghty - Princeton University
Madison Giglio - University of Toledo
Tarrin Gilliland - Indiana University
Madison Gleave - Ball State University
Maia Goldstein - Auburn University
Emma Gravgaard - University of Pittsburgh
Madison Grosz - University of Virginia
Nicholas Gunn - Grand Canyon University
Sara Haggerty – West Virginia University
Kayla Haigh - University of California, Berkeley
Allison Hallstrand – Liberty University
Seamus Harding - Duke University
Claire Hartley - University of Iowa
Kristen Hepfer - University of New Mexico
Hunter Hollenbeck - Stanford University
Emma Hunter - Denison University
Aurora Huxman University of California, Los Angeles
Rebecca Jones - University of South Carolina
Cacia Kaupp - University of Illinois
Nate Keller - University of Pittsburgh
Hunter Kebler - Auburn University
Anna Mae King – Boston College
Casey Kirsch – Colgate University
Saylor Kirsch – Fordham University
Phillip Kleiman - IUPUI
Josiah Klock - Boston College
Allison Landis – University of Illinois
Katie Laverty - Harvard University 
Natalie Leachner - University of Kansas

Isabelle LeBlanc - Notre Dame
Marisa Lee - Binghamton University
Kierstan Lentz - Youngstown State University
Jenna Loquercio - University of Delaware
Grace Magee - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kyle Maziarz - Georgetown University
Brendan McCourt - University of Texas
Claire McDaniels - University of Pittsburgh
Jessica McEachern – Grand Valley State University
Sophie Mernitz - University of Iowa
Taylor Michael - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Madelyn Mickey - Boise State University
Oliver Mills - University of Virginia
Sydney "Sadie" Mills - IUPUI
Kasi Natarajan - University of Iowa
Lauren Okamoto – Princeton University
Bridget O'Neil - University of Texas
Rowan O'Sullivan - University of Delaware
Megan Phillip - University of Minnesota
Alec Prione – Princeton University
Payton Props – Texas A&M University
Darby Ratcliffe - U.S. Naval Academy
Jacob Reasor - University of Tennessee
Dillon Richardson - University of Tennessee
Reese Robles - Grand Canyon University
Anabelle Rosen-Hurley - Eastern Michigan University
Alex Rosewicz - United States Military Academy, West Point
Courtney Russo - University of Alabama
Jayden Ruth - University of San Diego
Jackson Salisbury - University of Pittsburgh
Kyle Sanchez - Texas A&M University
Caleb Schoenewolff – Yale University
Maggie Seftenberg - Denison University
Zoe Smith - Bowling Green State University
Jenna Sonnenberg – Purdue University
Colin Stacey - Texas Christian University
Jackie Swick - New York University
Clara Tate - North Carolina State University
Kira Thomas - University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Dominic Tobin - University of Maryland
Hannah Truax - University of Utah
Max Valasek - University of California, Berkeley
Samantha Vear - Florida State University
Farrah Volpintesta – University of Southern California
Sara Warm - Georgetown University
Matthew Warren - Cornell University
Connor Watling – University of North Carolina
Meghan Wenzel - University of Georgia
Quinn Westwood - Penn State University
Jack Williams - University of Pennsylvania
Mason Williams – University of Hawaii, Manoa
Kayla Wilson - University of Louisville
Mya Winjum - University of Nebraska, Omaha