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Tuesday 10: Daria Lenz

By USA Diving | Sept. 11, 2018, 11:57 a.m. (ET)

The Tuesday 10 is a weekly Q&A session with 2018 High Performance Squad members, letting fans know some of the nation's best divers on a more fun and personal level. This week's Tuesday 10: Daria Lenz.

  1. What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of it? Why?

    DL:Legally Blonde. I love Elle Woods so much!”

  2. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try? Why?

    DL: “A waffle pizza! I've only heard of them, but I like waffles and I like pizza!”

  3. What mythical creature do you wish existed? Why?

    DL: “Pegasus! I would definitely fly my Pegasus all the time if they were real.”

  4. What language do you wish you could speak? Why?

    DL: “German! My whole family is from Germany, and it is hard to keep in touch when I can't speak the language very well.”

  5. What’s the coolest animal you’ve seen in the wild?

    DL: “A bear climbing into my pool at my house.”

  6. If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?

    DL: “Guacamole. You can never have too much guac!”

  7. What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had? Why?

    DL: “Chicken pesto panini! I love chicken and the pesto on top adds the perfect amount of flavor.”

  8. What’s your good luck charm?

    DL: “My mom!”

  9. Do you like things to be carefully planned or do you prefer to go with the flow? Why?

    DL: “Carefully planned! I like to keep things organized and have a to do list for everything.”

  10. What is the most unusual place you have ever visited? Why?

   DL: “The skeletons in the catacombs in Paris. It was scary to be surrounded by so many skulls!”


Check out Daria’s bio here and keep an eye out each week for the Tuesday 10!

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