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Divers announce National Letters of Intent

By USA Diving | Nov. 14, 2018, 11:18 a.m. (ET)

The NCAA early signing period for diving begins November 14, 2018 and many divers have already signed or will be signing their National Letters of Intent.

Divers, please let us know where you’ve committed or will be signing. Coaches, let us know who you’ve signed. Please email to be added to the list.

The list below is based on information we’ve seen in news reports, on social media or in messages sent to USA Diving.

Page was last updated on March 13.

Reanna Agah- University of California, Davis

Nike Agunbiade- University of Southern California

Aric Althouse- United States Air Force Academy

Abigail Andrews - University of Louisville

Mandy Baird- Northern Michigan University

Jennifer Bell- University of Virginia

Bayne Bennett- North Carolina State University

Sam Blanc- Rutgers University

Emily Bolt- Davenport University

Janie Boyle- The University of Texas at Austin

Kevin Bradley- University of Michigan

Jackie Brenn- The Ohio State University

Griffin Brooks- Princeton University

Jake Butler- University of Minnesota

Paige Burrell- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Franny Cable- Kansas University

Jonah Cagley- Duke University

Jack Callaghan- New York University

Meredith Canova- Penn State University

Katherine Carr- United States Military Academy

Regan Caufield- The University of Utah

Matthew Chao- Princeton University

Lauren Cheetham- University of Michigan

Summer Clark- University of the Incarnate Word 

Ryan Cohn- Binghamton University

Katelyn Cook- North Carolina State University

Reece Cooper- University of Nebraska Omaha

Hannah Craley- University of Minnesota

Mackenzie Crawford- The Ohio State University

Jessie Creed- University of Miami

JeanPaul Ditto- Yale University

Kaivon Dixon- University of Incarnate Word

Jamie Doak- George Washington University

Elizabeth Dodd- University of South Carolina

Olivia Dollar- University of North Texas

Annika Donez- University of Hawaii

Kady Eller- University of Nebraska at Omaha

Sophie Elwyn- Brown University 

Abigail Erickson- University of Louisville

Amanda Fingerut- University of Kansas

Ashlyn Foster- United States Air Force Academy

Jaclynn Fowler- University of Minnesota

Victoria Franz- State University of New York at Buffalo

Maddie Gatzlaff- Ball State University

Evie Geier- Harvard University

Sky Geovanni- University of Louisville

Ilusha Gerasimchuk- Grand Valley University

Samantha Gillis- University of Notre Dame

Ali Giuliani- University of Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Goei- Davidson College

Makaia Goemans- University of North Texas

Kaylyn Goehl- Liberty University

Cassie Graham- University of California, Berkeley 

Hunter Grannum- The Ohio State University

Madison Gray- California State Bakersfield

Katherine Greenberg- University of Wisconsin-Madison

Carolyn Hagler- Northwestern University

Lindsey Hammar- James Madison University

Anna Hansen- University of Michigan

Andrew Harness- University of Texas 

Nick Hart- University of California, Berkeley

Samuel Henninger- La Salle University

Carmen Hernandez- Indiana University

Reagan Hinze- University of Nebraska

Samantha Ho- Yale University

Lucy Hogan- University of Michigan

Kara Holt- University of Tennessee

Markie Hopkins- Northwestern University

Madison Huitt- University of Missouri

Caitlin Inall- George Washington University

Elise Jendritz- Cornell University

Brett Jenkins- United States Air Force Academy

Paige Kalik- The University of Akron

Noah Kanan- Cornell University

Anna Kemper- United States Air Force Academy

Emma Kerro- University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Katelyn Kirves- Bryant University

Courtney Klausen- University of North Carolina Wilmington

Brigid Krbec- University of North Texas

Colin Lang- Niagara University

Alyssa Largay- United States Naval Academy

Zach Lawrence- Tufts University

Nick Leavell- University of Michigan

Payton Lee- University of Wyoming

Jason Lenzo-  University of Indianapolis

Madison Liu- California Baptist University

Trinity Mark- Rochester University

Raquel Mason- University of Georgia

Nicholas McCann- University of Tennessee

Lexi Mills- University of Utah

Jayna Misra- Iowa State University

Matthew Mitchell- University of Wisconsin

Kendall Menard- University of California, Davis

Elizabeth Miclau- Harvard University

Maya Molldrem- University of Illinois Chicago

Hayley Montague- Louisiana State University

Kate Mullin- Duke University

Yasmin Nasimova- University of Minnesota

Dale Nickerson- Boston College

Sidney O'Donnell- Duquesne University

Anna Otto- East Carolina University

Gabrielle Peltier- United States Air Force Academy

Joseph Perreault- Virginia Tech University

Alexandra Peterson- Denison University

Genevieve Pettit- Grand Canyon University

Nick Pirone- Bucknell University

Katherine Priddy- University of North Carolina Wilmington

Livy Poulin- Columbia University

William Rains- University of Notre Dame 

Dylan Read- University of Pittsburgh

Elle Renner- University of Tennessee

Olivia Ricard- Columbia University

Claire Ross- Boston College

McKenzie Sanchez- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Kainoa Sauls- University of Southern California

Halli Siwik- University of Ohio

Gracyn Segard- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Isabelle Shane- Penn State University

Ashley Sinicropi- Towson University

Jordan Skilken- The University of Texas at Austin

Logan Smith- University of Louisville

Zain Smith- Indiana University

Adam Sneden- University of Louisville

Morgan Southall- University of Kentucky

Nicole Stambo- Southern Methodist University

Savannah Stocker- University of Southern California

Paige Sundermann- University of Michigan

Helene Synnott- Old Dominion University

Kelsey Titterington- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kobe Tray- Williams College

Ava Tuggle- University of Richmond

Maycey Vieta- Purdue University

Mallory Walker- University of Cincinnati 

Emily Walkovich- The University of Akron

Ali Watson- Duke University

Gretchen Wensuc- Auburn University

Summer Westover- Brigham Young University

Hunter Whitbeck- New York University

Sydney Wren- University of California, Davis

Natalie Wright- University of Nebraska Omaha

Emily Ann Wolfson- University of Tennessee

Julia Wortman- Stanford University

Lyle Yost- The Ohio State University