Tuesday 10: Grace Cable

By USA Diving | Nov. 06, 2018, 11:30 a.m. (ET)

The Tuesday 10 is a weekly Q&A session with 2018 High Performance Squad members, letting fans know some of the nation's best divers on a more fun and personal level. This week's Tuesday 10: Grace Cable.

  1. What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of it? Why?

    GC: “It would have to be Forrest Gump because of how genuine it is.”

  2. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? Why?

    GC: “I strangely like pickles with peanut butter. I tried it one time when I was 12 just for kicks and I actually loved it.”

  3. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try? Why?

    GC: “I really want to try rolled ice cream. I’ve heard mixed opinions about it, but I think it’s a pretty cool culinary idea.”

  4. What language do you wish you could speak? Why?

    GC: “French for sure. I just think it’s so pretty, and it would be so funny to just mess with people if you had a friend who could speak it too.”

  5. Who do you feel like you know even though you’ve never met them? Why?

    GC: “This is embarrassing, but Kylie Jenner. I’m high key obsessed.

  6. What’s the most annoying noise? Why?

    GC: “Finger nails on a chalk board. I get chills every time and I just hate it. It’s makes me want to crawl up in a ball.”

  7. What super power would you like to have? Why?

    GC: “I can’t pick one, so I’ll give you two! I would love to have telepathy and telekinesis because I would be able to know who my real friends are and I would be able to freak people out.”

  8. What’s your good luck charm?

    GC: “Dr. Pepper during competitions. I was never allowed to have caffeine as a kid so I would only be able to have some to get me going in comps and then it just kind of turned into a routine every time I would have to compete.”

  9. What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever had? Why?

    GC: “Grilled cheese. You just can’t go wrong there!”

  10. What topic could you spend hours talking about? Why?

GC: “Cars, oddly enough. I think this comes from my dad because he talks about them a lot and now I love them.”

Check out Grace’s bio here and keep an eye out each week for the Tuesday 10!