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Olympic Diver's Time at enVista a 'Perfect 10'

By enVista Thought Leadership | Oct. 24, 2017, 10:31 a.m. (ET)

Amy Cozad Magaña is ready for any challenge. Whether that means training to represent the United States on the U.S. Olympic Diving Team or completing her day-to-day internship duties at enVista.

Magaña began working with enVista in September 2017, as part of an established career development program with USA Diving to equip its athletes with professional skills in a global business environment.

“Diving gives me the motivation to take on anything.”

As an athlete with USA Diving, Magaña has learned to juggle her personal and professional life like a pro. She’s a three-time World Cup team member and competed in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, placing seventh in the women’s 10-meter competition. Somewhere amid all her diving accomplishments, she found time to graduate from Indiana University with a degree in mathematics.

Recently, Magaña joined the enVista team and she now serves as an intern on enVista’s Technology Solutions team, assisting with client accounts. Even though this is Magaña’s first formal workplace experience, she’s not nervous. “Diving gives me the motivation to take on anything,” Magaña said.

The Most Valuable Part of Interning with enVista?

“The most valuable part of interning with enVista is the opportunity to gain work experience in a corporate office. My work experience before my internship with enVista was on the deck of a pool as a coach or athlete. Now I know what it feels like to work for an organization, to work with others in an office and to dress in clothes other than a t-shirt, gym shorts and swim suit. This internship allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself and it doesn’t involve diving for the first time,” Magaña said.

Magaña’s future plans include diving (of course!) and using her knowledge and experience to become a financial planner to professional athletes.

enVista and USA Diving

enVista’s USA Diving program provides post-collegiate national team athletes with employment opportunities through enVista. Athletes will be matched with jobs that are aligned with their educational background to give them hands-on job training and experience that will prepare them for their chosen career after diving. The employment program through enVista offers a flexible work schedule to allow athletes to maintain their focus on training and competition, while simultaneously providing them valuable career experience for their future.

At enVista, we take great pride in developing the skills of young professionals and allowing flexibility for a productive environment. Interested in becoming part of the enVista team? Click here to find out more about current opportunities!


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