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2017 World Championships Individual Trials Preview: Women's 3-meter

By USA Diving | May 17, 2017, 12:03 p.m. (ET)

The women’s 3-meter event at the 2017 World Championships Individual Trials, to be held in Indianapolis, May 19-21, will boast the largest number of competitors with 30 women set to dive. The field includes 2016 Olympian Kassidy Cook as well as seven additional members from the 2017 High Performance Squad (five from Tier 1, two from Tier 2). Here are the details for the women’s 3-meter event.

Divers: Sarah Bacon (Unattached), Alexa Beckwith (Mizzou Diving), Grace Cable (Duke Diving), Nikki Canale (Carolina Diving Academy), Maria Coburn (Longhorn Aquatics), Kassidy Cook (Stanford Diving), Molly Fears (Unattached), Alison Gibson (Longhorn Aquatics), Emily Grund (GC Diving), Rebecca Hamperian (Kentucky Diving Club), Kristen Hayden (Club Wolverine Diving), Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving), Emma Ivory-Ganja (Longhorn Aquatics), Kendra Kieser (Mizzou Diving), Abigail Knapton (Nebraska Diving Club), Daria Lenz (Unattached), Madeline McKernan (Mizzou Diving), Camryn McPherson (Legacy Diving), Morgan Meixner (Purdue University), Alessandra Murphy (Club Wolverine Diving), Bridget O’Neil (GC Diving), Krysta Palmer (Nevada Diving Club), Lauren Reedy (Mizzou Diving), Samantha Reese (Purdue University), Mayson Richards (GC Diving), Olivia Rosendahl (Unattached), Brooke Schultz (Unattached), Carolina Sculti (Marlins Diving Club), Jessica Warak (Nebraska Diving Club), Mackenzie Willborn (Unattached)

Olympians: Cook

2017 High Performance Squad Tier 1 (not including Olympians): Coburn, Gibson, Palmer, Reedy, Schultz

2017 High Performance Squad Tier 2: Ivory-Ganja, Rosendahl


  • Preliminary: Saturday, May 20, 10:00 a.m.
  • Semifinal: Saturday, May 20, 5:00 p.m.
  • Final: Sunday, May 21, 2:00 p.m.

    *Times are subject to change

Number of divers with DD of 14.8+ needed for Budapest (15th place in semifinal at Rio 2016 Olympic Games): 12

  • Reedy (15.50)
  • Palmer (15.20)
  • Bacon (15.10)
  • Hamperian (15.10)
  • Hayden (15.10)
  • Ivory-Ganja (15.10)
  • Reese (15.10)
  • Schultz (15.10)
  • Coburn (14.80)
  • Cook (14.80)
  • Gibson (14.80)
  • Sculti (14.80)

Minimum cumulative score needed for Budapest: 855 (20th place in preliminary at Rio 2016 Olympic Games)

*All scores at the 2017 World Championships Individual Trials are cumulative.

Must-see dives:

Palmer: 5154B (Forward 2½ somersault 2 twist pike), DD: 3.40

Reedy: 5154B (Forward 2½ somersault 2 twist pike), DD: 3.40

Following event: Men’s 10-meter

Keep an eye tomorrow as we preview the Men’s 10-meter event.

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