FINA Committees, Commissions and Panels for 2017-2021 Approved

By USA Diving | Aug. 16, 2017, 1:50 p.m. (ET)

The FINA committees, commissions and panels have been officially named by the FINA Bureau for the 2017-2021 term. American representatives will occupy positions on 19 of 22 committees, with leadership positions on eight committees. USA Diving will have four representatives on committees with Tom Gompf (Technical High Diving Committee), Cokey Huffman (Technical Diving Committee), Drew Johansen (Coaches Committee) and Dustin Webster (Coaches Committee).

In all, 23 U.S. representatives from artistic swimming, diving, high diving, swimming and water polo have been selected to a committee.

Technical Swimming: Carol Zaleski, Chairman

Technical Swimming: Dale Neuburger, Bureau Liaison

Technical Diving: Cokey Huffman

Technical High Diving: Tom Gompf, Chairman

Technical Artistic (Synchro) Ginny Jasontek, Vice Chairman

Technical Water Polo: Takeshi Inoue

Technical Open Water: Sid Cassidy, Vice Chairman

Masters: Mel Goldstein, Vice Chairman

Ethics: Bill Hybl, Chairman

Legal: Richard Young

Sports Medicine: Jim Miller

Doping Panel: Bill Bock

Doping Control Review Board: Daniel Eichner

Media: Gregory Eggert, Honorary Secretary

Facilities: Mick Nelson

Swimsuit Advisory: David Pendergast

National Federation Relations: Ron Van Pool

Development: Dale Neuburger, Chairman

Athletes: Aaron Peirsol

Coaches: Drew Johansen (Diving); Tammy McGregor (Artistic/Synchro); Adam Krikorian (Water Polo); Dustin Webster (High Diving)

The only committees that will not feature an American are Audit, Finance and Disciplinary Panel. Click here to visit the FINA website for more information. Scroll over the “About FINA” tab, then select by committee.

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