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Windle and Coburn Close 2017 USA Diving National Championships on Top

By USA Diving | Aug. 12, 2017, 2:34 p.m. (ET)

Jordan Windle seen here competing in the men's 10-meter final at the 2017 USA Diving National Championships

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The final day of action at the 2017 USA Diving National Championships saw Jordan Windle (Fort Lauderdale Diving Team) and Maria Coburn (Longhorn Aquatics) collect national titles at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on the campus of the Ohio State University Saturday afternoon. Windle won the men’s 10-meter final and Coburn took the top spot in the women’s 3-meter competition.

“Finishing off with a gold medal was probably the best thing I could have done,” Windle said. The University of Texas commit certainly backed up the statement with an impressive 425.70 points for gold. He opened with an inward 3½ somersault tuck worth 72.00 points and followed two rounds later with a forward 4½ somersault tuck that earned 85.10 points. Windle’s next two dives, armstand back 2 somersault 1½ twist free and reverse 3½ somersault tuck, tallied 68.80 and 76.50 apiece to keep a distance from the field. The 54.00 points he collected on his final dive, back 2½ somersault 2½ twist pike, were enough to claim gold.

Windle’s main competition featured Zach Cooper (RipFest) and Christo Law (Unattached), who went silver-bronze respectively. Cooper amassed 401.90 points, while Law scored 383.20 for the final. Cooper produced four dives of 70.20 points or more and Law had five worth 61.60 or more.

The title gave Windle his fifth podium finish of the entire championships, leaving Columbus with three golds and two silvers (gold: men’s platform, 16-18 boys’ platform, 16-18 boys’ 3-meter; silver: men’s 3-meter, 16-18 boys’ 1-meter).

Coburn also added to her national championship hardware, taking the women’s 3-meter event with a mark of 328.55 points, a personal best for the 15-year-old.

“I’ve been listening to my coach a lot more because Dwight (Dumais) really knows what he is talking about,” Coburn mentioned when asked what went into her preparation for the final. Coburn’s second-place performance in the women’s 1-meter final earlier in the meet sparked her to run away with today’s competition. “I was just mad at myself after 1-meter. I know things like that happen, but I don’t like it when it happens.”

She dove lights out and showed high-caliber consistency, scoring 66.00 or more points on her final four dives. A back 2½ somersault pike in the second round kicked her into high gear as she earned 67.50 points. She then posted 69.00 on a reverse 2½ somersault pike in round three, her highest-scoring dive of the final. Coburn finished with scores of 66.00 (forward 2½ somersault 1 twist pike) and 66.65 (forward 3½ somersault pike) to put her stamp on the meet.

Rebecca Hamperian (Kentucky Diving Club) took second with 270.45 and Hailey Hernandez (GC Divers) won bronze with 267.50 points.

Coburn finished the national championships with three golds (women’s 3-meter, 16-18 girls’ 3-meter, 16-18 girls’ 1-meter) and one silver (women’s 1-meter).

The 2017 USA Diving National Championships is part of the 2017 Team USA Summer Champions Series, presented by Comcast. The Champions Series showcases numerous Olympic sports throughout the season, highlighting the year-round quest of Team USA athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.

Day 13 Final Results

Women’s 3-meter Final

1. Maria Coburn (Longhorn Aquatics), 328.55; 2. Rebecca Hamperian (Kentucky Diving Club), 270.45; 3. Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving), 267.50; 4. Anne Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 262.75; 5. Wallace Layland (University of Miami), 261.20; 6. Jordan Skilken (Ohio State Diving Club), 260.80; 7. Meghan Obrien (Longhorn Aquatics), 260.10; 8. Carolina Sculti (Marlins Diving Club), 256.20; 9. Mayson Richards (GC Diving), 255.55; 10. Alison Gibson (Longhorn Aquatics), 250.35; 11. Sophia McAfee (Trojan Dive Club), 242.25; 12. Daria Lenz (SoCal Divers), 241.80; 13. Ivy Houser (RipFest), 234.85; 14. Megan Phillip (Minnesota Diving Academy), 196.10

Men’s 10-meter Final

1. Jordan Windle (Ft Lauderdale Diving Team), 425.70; 2. Zach Cooper (RipFest), 401.90; 3. Christopher Law (Unattached), 383.20; 4. Jacob Fielding (Trojan Dive Club), 380.70; 5. Jacob Cornish (The University of Texas), 360.95; 6. Benjamin Bramley (Unattached), 346.75; 7. Jordan Rzepka (Ohio State Diving Club), 339.10; 8. Maxwell Flory (Dominion Dive Club), 330.25; 9. Matthew Casillas (Mission Viejo), 322.60; 10. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 309.40; 11. Maxwell Weinrich (Montgomery Dive Club), 305.65; 12. Bryan Allen (Unattached), 296.95; 13. Keegan Richardson (Tennessee Diving), 292.45

The senior team awards went as follows:
Overall Team: 1st – Longhorn Aquatics (137.00); 2nd – Ohio State Diving Club (87.00); 3rd – GC Divers (79.00)
Women’s Team: 1st – Longhorn Aquatics (95.00); 2nd – GC Divers (63.00); 3rd – Trojan Dive Club (38.00)
Men’s Team: 1st – Ohio State Diving Club (71.00); 2nd – Dominion Dive Club (58.00); 3rd – Fort Lauderdale Diving Team (44.00)

The junior team awards went as follows:
Overall Team: 1st – GC Divers (149.00); 2nd – Alexandria Dive Club (122.00); 3rd – Ohio State Diving Club (107.00)
Women’s Team: 1st – GC Divers (138.00); 2nd – Duke Diving (81.00); 3rd – Rose Bowl Aquatics (74.00)
Men’s Team: 1st – Alexandria Dive Club (87.00); 2nd – Ohio State Diving Club (84.00); 3rd – Fort Lauderdale Diving Team (77.00)

The combined (junior and senior) team awards went as follows:
Overall Team: 1st – GC Divers (228.00); 2nd – Ohio State Diving Club (194.00); 3rd – Longhorn Aquatics (172.00)
Women’s Team: 1st – GC Divers (201.00); 2nd – Longhorn Aquatics (125.00); 3rd – Duke Diving (99.00)
Men’s Team: 1st – Ohio State Diving Club (155.00); 2nd – Dominion Dive Club (121.00); 2nd – Fort Lauderdale Diving Team (121.00)

Combined High-Point Awards went to:
Women’s – Hailey Hernandez, GC Divers (78.00)
Men’s – Jordan Windle, Fort Lauderdale Diving Team (86.00)

Senior High-Point Awards went to:
Women’s – Maria Coburn, Longhorn Aquatics (44.00)
Men’s – Greg Duncan, Dominion Dive Club (44.00)

Junior High-Point Awards went to:
Girl’s – Avery Worobel, Duke Diving (45.00)
Boy’s – Max Fowler, Alexandria Dive Club (45.00)

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