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Fowler Narrowly Tops Gulia-Janovski for Platform Gold

By USA Diving | Aug. 02, 2017, 12:53 p.m. (ET)

Max Fowler (center) seen here with Denny Gulia-Janovski (left) and Nicholas Harris (right) at the 2017 USA Diving National Championships

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The drama was high at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on the campus of the Ohio State University Wednesday morning as the 2017 USA Diving National Championships saw a gold medal decided by 0.45 points in the 12-13 boys’ platform final. The 12-13 girls’ 1-meter final was also contested on Day 5.

Max Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club) took first in the 12-13 boys’ platform event, inching out Denny Gulia-Janovski (Fort Lauderdale Diving Team) by a mere 0.45 points for gold. Fowler posted a mark of 322.80, while Gulia-Janovski earned 322.35 points in the final. Fowler’s scores ranged from 33.60 to 60.20 with Gulia-Janovski’s ranging from 39.00 to 54.60 as the two went dive-for-dive.

Fowler’s 60.20 points came in the fifth round on a back 1½ somersault 2½ twist free, igniting the crowd and bringing intensity to the final. Gulia-Janovski totaled 54.60 twice with a back 1½ somersault 2½ twist free in the fifth round, and then in the final round with a forward 3½ somersault tuck. Fowler produced an inward 2½ somersault tuck in the final round worth 55.35 to seal the victory. Nicholas Harris (West Chester Diving) won bronze with 314.95 points. Preliminary qualifier Ethan Badrian (Montgomery Dive Club) finished fourth with 313.35 points.

Lily Witte (Legacy Diving) won the other final of the morning, claiming first in the 12-13 girls’ 1-meter contest. She bested the field by 10.40 points to secure gold with a mark of 271.05. Witte opened her final with 29.25 points on a forward dive pike, but went on to score 33.00 or more points on her remaining dives. Her highest-awarded dive came in the fourth round with 46.20 on an inward 1½ somersault tuck. She closed her final with a back 1½ somersault pike that scored 44.85 to clinch the gold.

Hannah Stumpf (Atlanta Diving Association) struck silver in the event, posting a score of 260.65. Her first three dives of the final were all 33.00 or more points, but she scored 28.50 points on an inward dive pike in round four, requiring a strong performance on her final three dives. She did exactly that by tallying scores of 42.00 (back 1½ somersault ½ twist free), 43.20 (forward 2½ somersault tuck) and 39.60 (inward 1½ somersault pike). Stumpf needed every dive to count as she held off Elena Yeh (Arrow Dive Club) who scored 260.40 points for bronze.

The final was no given contest for prequalified divers as five of the six qualifiers from the preliminary round earlier in the meet finished in the top 10.   

Day six of competition at the 2017 USA Diving National Championships includes: 14-15 girls’ 1-meter semifinal, 14-15 boys’ 3-meter semifinal, 12-13 girls’ platform final, 16-18 girls’ 1-meter semifinal, 16-18 boys’ 3-meter semifinal, 12-13 boys’ 3-meter final, 14-15 boys’ 3-meter final, 14-15 girls’ 1-meter final, 16-18 girls’ 1-meter final and 16-18 boys’ 3-meter final. Competition starts at 9:00 a.m. ET.

The USA Diving National Championships is part of the 2017 Team USA Summer Champions Series, presented by Comcast. The Champions Series showcases numerous Olympic sports throughout the season, highlighting the year-round quest of Team USA athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.

Day 5 Final Results

12-13 Girls’ 1-meter Final – Top 12

1. Lily Witte (Legacy Diving), 271.05; 2. Hannah Stumpf (Atlanta Diving Association), 260.65; 3. Elena Yeh (Arrow Dive Club), 260.40; 4. Alexandra Warshaw (Rose Bowl Aquatics), 254.00; 5. Kamryn Wong (GC Diving), 253.05; 6. Dillan DeLugo (GC Diving), 247.85; 7. Sammantha Helmboldt (Arizona Diving Team), 244.15; 8. Terra Whitaker (Pacific Diving Academy USA Inc.), 235.15; 9. Abigail Ekstrom (Pacific Diving Academy USA Inc.), 235.05; 10. Bailee Sturgill (Ohio State Diving Club), 233.80; 11. Elina Natarajan (Upstate NY Diving), 231.40; 12. Megan Iannon (Duke Diving), 230.60

12-13 Boys’ Platform Final – Top 12

1. Max Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 322.80; 2. Denny Gulia-Janovski (Ft Lauderdale Diving Team), 322.35; 3. Nicholas Harris (West Chester Diving), 314.95; 4. Ethan Badrian (Montgomery Dive Club), 313.35; 5. Maxwell Miller (Woodlands Diving Academy), 306.60; 6. Carson Tyler (Moss Farms Diving), 301.35; 7. Joshua Thai (SoCal Divers), 300.05; 8. Harrison Nolan (Windy City Diving), 283.15; 9. Raphael Tourette (Santa Clara Diving Club), 272.40; 10. Trever Cheung (City of Midland), 269.95; 11. Pierce Brooke (Longhorn Aquatics), 268.95; 12. Luca Fassi (Rose Bowl Aquatics), 267.90

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