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Murphy Bromberg wins gold on 10-meter to close out FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix

By USA Diving | April 03, 2016, 4:34 p.m. (ET)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Murphy Bromberg (Bexley, Ohio/Austin, Texas) closed out the FINA Puerto Rico Grand Prix with a gold medal in Sunday’s women’s 10-meter contest, and USA’s Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas) and Michael Hixon (Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.) won silver and bronze in the men’s 3-meter final.

Bromberg scored 327.75 points for the 10-meter gold to edge China’s Lin Jinming, who took silver with 323.55 points. Canada’s Celina Toth finished with 303.50 points for the bronze.

Bromberg scored 70 or more points on each of her first three dives, including 77.55 on her third-round armstand triple back somersault, and added 62.40 points on her fourth-round twister. She finished with just 43.20 points on an inward 3 ½ tuck but had built enough of a cushion that her lead held up for the gold.

“I was really happy with my performance except for my last dive, the inward. I was kind of more focused on my scores, not so much my placement,” Bromberg said. “Everything was pretty good. Everything could have been a little cleaner, but I was happy with it. Just the inward, I wish I could have done better on.”

Dumais finished with 441.15 points for silver in the men’s 3-meter contest, which was won by France’s Matthieu Rosset with 457.30 points. Dumais led by six points heading into round five, but missed his front 4 ½ tuck for 45.60 points to allow Rosset to overtake him in the standings. Dumais, who performed a front 3 ½ pike in the preliminaries and semifinals, upgraded his list for the finals. He came back to finish out his list with 85 points on a front 2 ½ with two twists in the last round.

“It was a wild event. It was very, very windy. I took my time and did what I can do. On the front 4 1/2, I got blown back a little on the board, but I still made it. I got 4s, 4.5s, and I need to be in the 7.5, 8 range. There were some grueling, atmospheric elements to deal with. I got through it, but unfortunately round five was a little low. I could have done front 3 ½ pike and won the contest, but that’s not what it’s going to take to win a medal (at the Olympics),” Dumais said.

Hixon finished third with 412.25 points. He scored more than 80 points on two dives, earning 84 on a reverse 3 ½ tuck and 83.30 on an inward 3 ½ tuck, but like Dumais, he missed his front 4 ½ tuck for 34.20 points.

“I was pretty happy with how it went. The conditions weren’t great. It was really windy, but that’s what you expect in Puerto Rico. There was some good diving in the final. Matt Rosset dove really, really well and Troy dove well, so that was good to see,” Hixon said.

The U.S. also earned trips to the podium in two synchronized events.

David Dinsmore (New Albany, Ohio/Coral Gables, Fla.) and Jordan Windle (Morrisville, N.C./Durham, N.C.) finished with 384.15 points for a silver medal in synchronized 10-meter behind China’s Huang Bowen and Xu Zewei, who won gold with 453.54 points. Alexis Jandard and Lois Szymczak of France were third of three teams with 306.84 points.

In a two-team women’s synchronized 3-meter contest, Abby Johnston (Upper Arlington, Ohio/Durham, N.C.) and Kassidy Cook (The Woodlands, Texas) were second with 288.60 points. China’s Wu Chunting and Xu Zhihuan scored 309.60 points for first.

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