3rd FINA DIVING WORLD SERIES 2009 China takes the eight gold medals at stake in Doha (QAT)

March 29, 2009, 6:48 p.m. (ET)
Lausanne (SUI), March 23, 2009 - The Chinese divers dominated the first leg of the 2009 FINA Diving World Series, held in Doha (QAT) on March 21-22, by conquering all the eight medals on offer. During the two-day competition (organised for the first time in Doha, in the superb Hamad Aquatic Centre), many champions and medallists from the 2008 Olympic Games had the opportunity of meeting once more their main challengers.

In Doha, the logics prevailed, with Ruolin Chen (CHN) winning the women's 10m platform individual and synchro titles (she is Olympic champion in these events), Yue Lin/Liang Huo (CHN) also confirming their Olympic victory in the men's 10m platform synchro, and Feng Wang/Kai Qin (CHN) excelling (as during the Games in Beijing) in the men's 3m springboard synchro.

The most awaited final in Doha was the men's 10m platform, with the presence of Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham (AUS) and the runner-up in Beijing Luxin Zhou (CHN) - the Australian was the only non-Chinese gold medallist of the Games in this discipline. This time, Zhou was stronger than Mitcham, winning in 546.75 against the Australian's 545.25.

The next leg of the 2009 FINA Diving World Series will be held in Changzhou (CHN, March 27-28), then in Sheffield (GBR, April 18-19) and finally in Mexico City (MEX, April 24-25).


Men's 3m springboard: 1. Zhang Xinhua (CHN) 521.85; 2. Qin Kai (CHN) 499.25; 3. Yahel Castillo (MEX) 489.25

Men's 10m platform:
1. Luxin Zhou (CHN) 546.75; 2. Matthew Mitcham (AUS) 545.25; 3. Bo Qiu (CHN) 544.90

Men's 3m springboard synchro:
1. Feng Wang/Kai Qin (CHN) 452.67; 2. Dmitry Sautin/Yuri Kunakov (RUS) 429.27; 3. Nicolas Robinson-Baker/Benjamin Swain (GBR) 414.18

Men's 10m platform synchro:
1. Lin Yue/Huo Liang (CHN) 468.90; 2. Patrick Hausding/Sascha Klein (GER) 445.20; 3. Victor Minibaev/Semen Kokunov (RUS) 433.92

Women's 3m springboard:
1. Minxia Wu (CHN) 373.50; 2. Zi He (CHN) 373.05; 3. Sharleen Stratton (AUS) 352.00

Women's 10m platform:
1. Ruolin Chen (CHN) 423.45; 2. Kang Li (CHN) 405.05; 3. Paola Espinosa (MEX) 401.30

Women's 3m springboard synchro:
1. Wang Han/He Zi (CHN) 342.90; 2. Nora Subschinski/Katja Dieckow (GER) 300.30; 3. Francesca Dallape/Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 297.30

Women's 10m platform synchro:
1. Ruolin Chen/Li Kang (CHN) 347.76; 2. Meaghan Benfeito/Roseline Filion (CAN) 321.18; 3. Briony Cole/Melissa Wu (AUS) 317.58