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Troy Dumais Blog - Closing Ceremonies

Sept. 02, 2008, 6:26 p.m. (ET)

It was a night of sadness and hopefulness at the closing ceremonies in Beijing. Hanging out with all the medal winners and standing on the field was an experience in itself. It actually brought me to tears and got me reminiscing, thinking about the two past Olympics, how they compared. I couldn't grasp the idea that the last four years went by so fast. It honestly felt like a blink of an eye. Actually it felt like it was yesterday that I learned my first dives at the junior college and back yard pool in my hometown Ventura, California. It wasn't until then that the emotions hit. Living with a full team of divers and coaches for 5 weeks really is a bonding experience and like past trips and Olympics, until it's over you never realize how special it was and is. I will never forget this experience.

The firework displays at opening and closing ceremonies were among the best I have ever seen and the artistic outfits fit in with the whole idea of the Beijing theme, "One World One Dream." From the hospitality to the venues, Beijing and China definitely made the 2008 Olympics a worthwhile dream come true. The only down side to the Olympics, just as other athletes say, we all wish we could have seen more athletic events and route our team members on.