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USA roster for trip to Leeds, England, for British Elite Junior Diving Championships 2008

May 02, 2008, 12 a.m. (ET)

Divers and coaches will qualify through the Spring East and Spring West National Championships set for April 25-27.

Selection Procedures:
The USA team and coaching staff for the British Elite Junior Diving Championships 2008 will be selected from the results of the 2008 Spring East/West Championships. The top two divers out of the East/West Championships in each age group, determined by their total amount of team points scored in their combined events, will be eligible to attend the self-funded trip. In case of a tie in team points, their total point score from both events will be added together, and the diver with the highest total points will be the diver who is eligible. In the case of divers declining to attend, we will not go lower than the fifth-place combined finisher for each age group. The four coaches will be selected based on number of spots on the team, with a series of tiebreakers also in place.

Based on the selection procedures, the following divers, coaches and team leaders will attend:
East West

Linus Altman-Kurosaki

Haley Allen
Bradley ButcherBradley Christensen
Lee ChristensenKassidy Cook
Timothy Faerber Andrew Cramer
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Alexander Fincher
Ian ForliniGrace Fulwider
Cherie HammondJake Kinzbach
Connor Kuremsky Bryce Klein
Wallace Layland Shannon Lumbra
Gracia Leydon-Mahoney Kelly Markle
Carly Scheper Danielle Repper
Maren Taylor Jon Staggs
Tracey BirdKrista Klein
Joe Somma Sean McCarthy
Team Leader Team Leader
Lenny Layland Jason Baumann