Troy Dumais Blog - "Nipping and Clawing"

Aug. 15, 2008, 1:57 p.m. (ET)

The 2008 Olympics started with a bang. From the Opening Ceremony to the Water Cube we dive at, it doesn't seem to get any better. However, in the minds of the athletes and coaches for our Olympic Diving Team, one thing is better...our best performances, our team spirit and unity and lastly MEDALS.

Thus far we have completed all four synchronized events, finishing ever so close to the medals. But we are not done yet. We have come so far since Sydney and Athens and Beijing is not over yet. We have four amazing and capable events left that all can result in medals if we take care of business do all of our jobs and believe, not letting anything bother us or stray from our goals as a team. Events are not over till the last diver hits the water. From the team members in the stands to the supporters and loved ones at home to the coaches and the athlete performing, everyone plays a role in helping each and every dive.

We have come so close and some might think still too far, but one thing is for sure, the Diving Team is not giving up. Again, until the last diver hits the water in the last event of the Olympics, we all have a chance and choice, worry about what's happened or think about what lies ahead.

You see I have always seen amazing things happened to those who push and push on. The words "I can't" and "we won't" don't exist. In fact, the words are the opposite "I can" and "we will." We are so close and we as a team and a country can fulfill our every dream by pushing on and never giving up. Diving is a frustrating and fickle sport. One day it is all good and nothing can seem to stand in the way and the next it doesn't seem like anything goes right and is possible. Medals are an outcome of spirit, belief, hard work and a never give up attitude. Since our team was announced, it has bonded in some of the most creative and amazing ways. From the spirit to the hard work, each and everyone of us is pulling and pushing for the best performances and results. I have been a part of three Olympic Teams now and this is by far the best one yet.

We cheer as a team, we fight as a team, we compete as a team and we laugh as a team. So the question is what's stopping us? My answer is nothing. To beat the best you have to fight to the end and keep nipping and clawing, never losing sight of the goal. Another way to look at this is to beat the best you have to knock them out, and I'm not talking a knockout punch but rather many many little punches over time and through rounds that ultimately lead to a TKO. But there is no better way to do this...but to FIGHT as a Team!!


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