Becoming a USA Diving Coach Member

Step 1:

Register to become a USA Diving coach member

Register to become a USA Diving coach member. Choose the appropriate level of membership for your situation. Click HERE for membership registration.

All coach members are required to have a criminal background screening completed when applying for membership. This process takes five to seven business days. The fee for the background screening is $16.00 and is processed with your membership registration. Your coach membership will be pending until you complete all steps required to become a coach.

Step 2:

Safety and Risk Management Exam Study Materials

All USA Diving coaches are required to take the Safety and Risk Management online exam during Step 3. Please review the following materials as a reference before taking the exam. You can download them at no cost and use them when taking the exam:

Step 3:

Online Safety & Risk Management Training Course

While logged into your USA Diving membership account, visit the Safety Training tab in the left-hand navigation area and click on Safety Training Application to take the online safety training course.

Next, electronically sign a waiver confirming that there is a certified lifeguard (through one of USA Diving's approved lifeguarding courses) on deck at all USA Diving sanctioned events (i.e. practices, meets, clinic, etc.). A coach who is a current USA Diving coach member and is a certified lifeguard through one of USA Diving's approved lifeguarding courses may serves as a lifeguard. For a list of approved courses, CLICK HERE.

Next, in the left-hand column, click Safety Training Exam to watch the video of the online safety training course and answer 10 questions correctly. Please note that the video is silent. We are working to upgrade this video in the near future. We appreciate your patience through this transition.

Next, you will take the Safety and Risk Management online exam to complete your Safety Training.

Step 4:

Complete a concussion awareness training course

Take either the CDC or the National Federation of High Schools online course.  Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Once competed, submit a copy of your certification to  Certificates dated earlier than January 2014 will NOT be accepted.  

It is recommended that coaches also familiarize themselves with additional documents and materials on USA Diving’s Concussion Resources page.

Step 5:

Complete the USOC Safe Sport training

Complete the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Safe Sport Program. The program is free and takes approximately two hours to complete. The three-part Safe Sport training can be taken when registering to become a coach member or you can access the three-part Safe Sport training HERE. Upon visiting this link, please use the USA Diving access code. You must use this code in order to register and receive credit for completing the course. The code is MNET-XQTI-CMK-CB96Q. This training must be re-taken every two membership cycles. Please note that this is a change from previous requirements.