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(If you are affiliated with a club and there are no membership options available when you select your club, please contact for assistance.)

Note: If you are an existing Lifetime Member or a Lifetime Coach with USA Diving, please contact to receive your unique code to join USA Diving free of charge. If you are a Lifetime Coach, you will choose the Competition Coach category. If you are a Lifetime Member, you will choose the Alumni/Fan Membership category. You will enter the code at checkout.

Background Screening and Safe Sport
Please note that if you are turning 18 prior to the end of the calendar year, you will be required to complete Safe Sport Training and a Background Screening. If that is the case, the member must create their own membership account and the account may not be under a parent/guardian account so that the Background Screening can be run on the member. 


Club Affiliation Registration Links

Athlete or Coach Membership - No Club
Judge Membership
Volunteer Membership
Alumni/Fan Membership
(Arctic) Art Saltmarsh
Aloha Diving Academy
707 Diving
ABC Diving Club
ACES Diving
AF-MB Dive Club
Airborne Diving Academy
Alexandria Dive Club
Alliance Diving
Alpha Diving Club
American Flyers Diving
Amplitude Academy of Diving
Arizona Marlins
Arrow Dive Club
Atlanta Diving Association
Atlantic Coast Diving Jax
Atlantic Diving Team
Auburn Diving
AZ Heat
Bettendorf Divers
Bloomsburg Diving Club
Blue Ridge Rippers
Blue Wave Diving
Boise Diving Club
Boston Area Diving
BYU Cougar Diving
Caldwell Dive Team
California Diving Academy
Capital Divers
Carolina Diving Academy
Central Coast Dive Club
Charger Dive Club
Charles River Diving
Cincinnati Diving Academy
City of Midland
Claremont Pomona Dive Club
Clavadistas Del Sol
Clayton Diving Alliance
Clovis Dive Club
Coast Divers
Colorado Springers Diving Club
Coral Springs Diving
Cornerstone Diving Club
Crown Valley Divers
Dallas Metroplex DIving
Davis Diving
Delta Valley Diving
Dive 419
Dive 5280
Dive Lab
Dive North
Dive Owego
Dive San Diego
Dominion Dive Club
Dos Rios Divers
Duke Diving
Dupage Diving Academy
East Coast Masters Diving
East Valley Dive Club
Elkhart United Diving Club
Evanston Diving Club
Excel Team Diving
Exeter Dive Club
Fishers Diving Team
Florida Atlantic Aquatics
Fly High Dive
Fort Lauderdale High Diving Team
Fox Valley Diving Team
Frontier Diving Club
Ft Lauderdale Diving Team
Gamecock Diving Club
Gator Dive Club
GC Diving
Georgia Diving Club
Germantown Academy Dive Club
Glen Gators Diving
Glenbrook Aquatics Diving
Granite City Aquatics
Greater Lafayette Area Diving
Greater Laredo Aquatic Association
Harbor Aquatics Club
Hastings Community Diving Club
High Dive Champions
Hilo Hi-Diving
I-94 Diving Team
Illini Dive Club
Illinois Acrobatic Academy
Infinite Diving
Inland Empire Diving Club
Interior Diving
International High Diving Institute
Iowa Diving Club
Island Aquatics 
Jersey Diving Academy
Johansen Diving Academy
Jupiter Diving Academy
Jupiter Diving Club
K2 Diving
Kansas Diving
Kentucky Diving Club
Knight Diving Academy
Las Vegas DIving Club
Legacy Diving INC
LOB Diving
Lobo Diving Club
Long Island Divers
Longhorn Aquatics
Los Alamitos Divers
Los Angeles Dive Club
Louisville Dive Club
M3 Aquatics
Madison Gainers Diving Club
Mansfield Diving
Marlins Diving Club
Mason Dive Academy
McCormick Divers
Mesa Aquatics Diving
Metro Area Dive Club
Miami Diving
Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics
Michigan Rip Squad
Midwest Diving Academy
Mile High Dive Club
Miller Masters Dive Club
Minnesota Diving Academy
Mission Viejo
Montgomery County Diving League
Montgomery Dive Club
Moss Farms Diving
NC Diving Club
Nebraska Diving Club
Nevada Diving Club
New River Diving
New York Dive Club
Norco Diving
North Carolina Diving
Northern Arizona Divers
Northside Diving Academy
Northstar Diving Club, LLC
NPR Soaring Eagles
OhK Diving
Orlando Dive Academy
Osprey ZAP Diving
Outback Diving Club
Pacific Diving Academy USA Inc.
Pacific Northwest Diving
Pacific Valley Premier Aquatic Club
Patriot Diving
Pelican Diving Team
Philadelphia Diving Academy
Phoenix Dive Club
Pike Dive Academy
Pine Crest Diving
Pitt Aquatic Club
Port City Diving
Princeton Tigers Aquatic Club
Purdue Diving
Razorback Diving Academy
Red Wolf Elite
Redbird Diving Club
Region Elite Diving
Rochester Diving Club
Rose Bowl Aquatics
RVA Dive Team
San Luis Obispo Diving Academy
Santa Clara Diving Club
Schroeder Diving Team
SD Diversity Diving
Seahawks Diving Team
Sherman Divers
SIU Dive Team
South Carolina Dive Club 
South Mountain Dive Club
Spartan Diving Club
St. Petersburg Club Diving, Inc.
Stanford Diving
Starz Diving Club
Stellar Diving
Sterling Dive Club
Summit Diving Club
Sun Devil Divers
Sunshine Dive Club
Symmetry Diving Club
Team Rebel Aquatics Diving
Team Texas Diving
Tennessee Aquatics
The Indiana International School of Diving
Thunderbird Diving
Tiger Diving
Tiger Sharks Dive
TNT Diving
Tomahawk Diving Club
Tri Valley Divers
Tri Valley Masters
Triad Diving Academy
Trojan Dive Club
Tropic Lightning Diving Team
Tualatin Hills Dive Club
Twisters Diving Team
Uinta Diving Club
Ukiah Krakens Aquatic Club
Ultimate Air Diving
Ultimate Kids Gym
University of Iowa Diving Club
University of Miami Diving
University of Southern California Diving
University of Texas Diving
Upstate NY Diving
Valley Dive
Vinton Aquatic Club, Inc.
Wasilla Matsu Diving Team
West Chester Diving
West Fargo Flyers
West Florida Lightning Aquatics
West Michigan Diving Academy
Whirlwind Diving
Windy City Diving
Wings Diving Club
Wisconsin Dive Club
WMS Diving
Wolverine Diving
Woodlands Diving Academy
Wyoming Diving
YMCA Westside Silver Fins