Curling Ice Explained:

Curling Ice Explained is a Technical Development Program manual developed by the World Curling Federation. It is a comprehensive manual for the purpose of producing good curling ice on a scientific basis. The manual contains the following topics:

(1) The Development of Curling; (2) The Modern Demands of Curling on Ice; (3) Scientific Definition of Curling Ice; (4) The Floors of a Curling Rink; (5) Measuring, Painting and Lines; (6) Ice Installation; (7) Flooding; (8) Curling in an Arena; (9) Maintaining the Ice Pad; (10) Routines and Equipment; (11) End of Season; (12) Pebbling; (13) Temperatures and Other Readings; (14) Humidity; (15) Heating and Ventilation; (16) Lighting; (17) Steering and Control Systems; (18) Ground Freezing, Heaving and Permafrost; (19) Water; (20) Ice Quality; (21) Curling Stones; (22) The Refrigeration System; (23) Energy; and (24) Building a Modern Curling Rink. 

The manual was compiled by Leif Öhman (WCF Board Member and Head Icemaker at the Olympic Games in 1998, 2002, 2006) and John Minnaar.

The latest edition (2011) can be ordered through the USA Curling website for $70.00 (plus shipping). Click here to access the Merchandise Price List and Order Form.

Making Championship Curling Ice:

The Canadian Curling Association developed a 22-minute video with support from the WCF Development Assistance Programme to demonstrate the installation of ice from start to finish. While "Making Championship Curling Ice" was filmed on arena ice, it is also relevant to ice makers in dedicated facilities.

To download the video to your computer, the CCA recommends using KeepVid. The following YouTube URL is needed for download: