The National Coach program is designed for coaches with success at the National, World, Olympic, and Paralympic levels.

Certification Requirements

Coaching Experience:

  • Coach of record for a U.S. Junior Nationals team (placed top 5 at Worlds); or
  • Coach of record for a Men’s or Women’s team at the World Curling Championships; or
  • Coach for U.S. Olympic or Paralympic team; or
  • USA Curling HHP team or Project 2018 team coach; or
  • Level IV coaching certification under the previous program

Preliminary Requirements:

  • Register as member of the USA Curling Coaches Association
  • Read and agree to Coaches Code of Ethics
  • Pass background check through National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) (must be valid)
  • Read USA Curling SafeSport Handbook

Required Courses:

Positive Coaching Alliance 

  • Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons*
  • Double-Goal Coach®: Culture, Practice and Games
  • Double-Goal Coach®: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors*

American Sport Education Program 

  • Coaching Principles*
  • Sport First Aid – 4th Edition*

United States Olympic Committee

USA Curling

  • Level I Instructor Certification Course
  • Level II Instructor Certification Course **
  • Coaching Workshop **

Additional Requirement:

  • USA Curling coaching evaluation**
  • Individual coaching development plan (as needed)**

* Online courses

** Currently under development

(revised 4/2015)

USA Curling National Coach Scott Baird assists Pete Fenson & Shawn Rojeski during the 2012 National Championships.