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Registration Opens for Virtual College Curling Tour

Oct. 07, 2020, 10:05 a.m. (ET)

2019 College Curling Championship



Oct. 7, 2020

Virtual College Curling Tour set to begin October 15

(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) -- Resulting from the cancellation of all on-ice USA Curling College Tour events through January 1, 2021, the College Curling Committee has determined the dates and guidelines of the inaugural Virtual College Curling Tour.

Using an online gaming platform, the Tour will run October 15 – December 6, with the championship scheduled to take place on weekend of December 12. 

“This fall season will be treated as a demonstration of the potential for a continued online college curling presence,” said Gordon Maclean, College Curling Committee, Chair. “In an effort to work out any bugs and allow player feedback, the College Curling Committee will keep the format as simple as possible for this demonstration.”

Virtual curling presents many advantages, as geographical barriers are almost a non-issue. Additionally, this format will increase access to the sport while also creating networking opportunities for those looking to become involved in curling.

“We suggest that you build up your fan base, get them and potential new on-ice curlers involved,” said Maclean. “Push your games to YouTube or Twitch.”

This fall, all games will take place on the Fly or Die (FOD) platform and be one-on-one, with the plan of introducing a "team" format for the spring semester. 

The basic format for “Tour” events is:

  • Like the on-ice version of the College Curling Tour, individuals will earn points for their school.
  • Games will be six ends with a five-end mercy rule if an individual is down by eight or more points.
  • Regardless of score, a minimum of five ends must be completed per game.
  • Teams will be awarded three points for a win and one point for a loss.
  • There will be no ties. Extra end with traditional hammer rules will apply for any tiebreaker scenarios.
  • Games must be played by two individuals from different schools. Games between two individuals form the same school will not be accepted.
  • FOD has a "skins" format scoring, however, “skins” games will not be accepted.
  • Results will be submitted by sending a screenshot of the final score, showing the participants and the full scoreboard. 

To participate, competitors will be required to meet all current on-ice qualifications. This includes being a full-time college student, at least 18 years of age, registered with the USCA as a college participant, and a USCA member.

To sign up:

  1. Click here to complete online registration.
  2. Visit the Fly or Die platform. 
  3. Read the FOD Curling FAQ page.
  4. Create your account and username. PLEASE FORMAT YOUR USERNAME: Handle-School (e.g. Curler-UWGB). This will help the College Curling Committee group results by school.

With any questions, please contact 

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