USA Curling Features 2020 Members Assembl...

2020 Members Assembly Workshops

Nov. 12, 2020, 9:34 a.m. (ET)

2020 MA Workshops

2020 Members’ Assembly Workshops

On November 14-15, 2020, USA Curling will be hosting the seventh annual Members’ Assembly.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Members’ Assembly will be virtual, however, USA Curling will still be offering free seminars for members to attend on Sunday, November 15th. 

To attend the session(s) that are of interest to you, please register via each session's corresponding registration link. 




11:00 AM (Central Time): USA Curling Member Insurance Benefits


Greg Joly, Senior Sports Vice President for Loomis & LaPann, Inc.

Steven O’Keefe, Growth & Development Manager

Randy Brandner, President, Wausau Curling Club


Greg Joly, Senior Sports Vice President for Loomis & LaPann, Inc., has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, following his nine year career in the NHL. With his background in sports and insurance, Joly will speak to delivering the most comprehensive insurance products available to the sporting world. 


Steven O’Keefe, Growth and Development Manager for USA Curling will review the USCA’s club and curler insurance program. This session will also include the first-hand experience of Randy Brandner, President of Wausau Curling Club, where the insurance program is utilized. 


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1:00PM (Central Time): ICEGRID® Solutions


Said Hakim, President and Owner of  ISS

Art Sutherland, President and CEO of Accent Refrigeration Systems

Shawn Olesen, Head Ice Technician, USA Curling

Susan Frankel, President of Mayfield Curling Club

Dave Bader, Ice Technician of Mayfield Curling Club


Said Hakim will introduce ISS: Ice, Sports & Solar Systems. Due to the company’s versatility, their ice rink systems have proven to be suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it be creating ice in an arena or in a dedicated facility. 


Shawn Olesen, Head Ice Technician, and Art Sutherland, the IOC Chief Ice Consultant at the past seven Olympics, will draw on their experiences and provide their expertise on upgrading curling ice.


Susan Frankel and Dave Bader from the Mayfield Curling Club will be joining the panel, as the ICEGRID solution is being installed in their club. Frankel and Bader will be able to offer their first-hand experiences with the installation, as well as provide insight into their journey with ISS.


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3:00PM (Central Time): Diversity & Inclusion 


Dean Gemmell, USCA Board Member, USOPC-AAC Representative, 2012 Men’s Champion

Debra Martin, Certified Coach, Instructor, and Wellness Consultant 


Dean Gemmell and Debra Martin will introduce “Ice Breakers,” a program they’ve created to initiate a club-based approach to increasing diversity in curling. 


Following their presentation, Gemmell and Martin will open the meeting to a Q&A or roundtable styled discussion. The goal for this session is to share how all members can play a role in elevating the game through diversity, and work together to generate ideas of how to make the program successful. 


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5:00PM (Central Time): Return to Curling Planning


Jim Rasche, President, Milwaukee Curling Club

Steven O’Keefe, Growth & Development Manager


Jim Rasche, President of the Milwaukee Curling Club, and Steven O’Keefe, Growth & Development Manager, will walk through best practices in planning a return to curling. 


While these times are unprecedented, having a well thought out plan in place can make the world of difference when members decide to return to curling. 


Jim will share his first-hand experience of spearheading Milwaukee’s planning process, what he’s learned along the way, and other helpful information for clubs to consider when planning (or revisiting) their guidelines. 


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7:00PM (Central Time): Fundamentals and Strategy


Phill Drobnick, Interim Director of Sport Performance

Jessica Schultz, Director, Women’s National Team and Juniors


Sit down with Phill Drobnick and Jessica Schultz, directors of the USA Curling National Team Program, to revisit the basics of curling. 


Schultz will begin the session by reviewing a couple of the most important fundamentals of the game: delivery and shot making. She will walk-through elements that, regardless of delivery style, will help every curler capitalize on execution. 


Drobnick will then go through some strategy scenarios, where participation from attendees is encouraged. Attendees will be able to ask questions and strengthen their strategic IQ for when they return to the ice. 


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On Saturday, November 14th, the Members’ Assembly Meeting will be held with regional delegates. More information on the meeting, including where it can be viewed by the public, can be found here


Should you have any questions regarding how to access any of the 2020 Virtual Members’ Assembly events, please contact Steven O’Keefe (