Round Robin Complete at Club Championships; Tiebreakers at 1 pm & 6 pm

March 13, 2020, 12:10 p.m. (ET)

Photo courtesy of the Potomac Curling Club

90 games between 20 teams over 7 days has not been enough to determine the Semifinal participants at the 2020 USCA Club Championships in Potomac, Maryland.

The Men's semifinal participants were not fully decided until the last stone of the last game, but Colorado's last shot, completing an undefeated round robin, eliminated Illinois (5-4) and set the field.  Colorado will face Washington (6-3) in one Semi-Final, and in the other, New Jersey, who won their last game over Arizona to climb to 6-3 and gain a playoff berth, will be rewarded by... another game against Arizona, also at 6-3.

The Women's side is much more complicated. Four teams (New Jersey, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota) are in a tie for the final playoff spot at 5-4. They will play this afternoon at 1 pm (North Dakota vs New Jersey, Minnesota vs Wisconsin) in the first tiebreaker round. The winners of those games will play off against each other at 6 pm for the fourth and final playoff spot.

The winner of that earns the right to face 8-1 Alaska in the Semifinals on Saturday morning. The other semifinal will feature Michigan (7-2) against Arizona (6-3). The winners of those games will compete for the Championship Saturday at 1:30 PM.  Semifinal losers will compete in 3rd place games at the same time.