Get to know YOG Team USA

By Suzanna Viau | Jan. 08, 2020, 9:55 a.m. (ET)


Every four years the best youth athletes in the world gather to compete for glory and gold. This year’s Youth Olympic Games will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the United States is sending a powerhouse team that has come together from across the nation to fight for gold. Ethan Hebert, Kaitlin Murphy, Charlie Thompson, and Alina Tschumakow have been training throughout their young careers for this moment -- and probably many more to come. Keep reading to get to know more about Team USA!

Lead: Alina Tschumakow

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Curling Club: The Country Club

Years Curling: 10 years

Age: 16

Second: Charlie Thompson

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wis.

Curling Club: Eau Claire Curling Club

Years Curling: 9 years

Age: 17

Vice skip: Kaitlin Murphy

Hometown: Fairview Park, Ohio

Curling Club: Mayfield Curling Club

Years Curling: 8 years

Age: 17

Skip: Ethan Hebert

Hometown: Lowell, Mass.

Curling Club: Broomstones

Years Curling: 11

Age: 16

  1. Who is your favorite curling team and/or curling role model?

        AT: Team Shuster because they were like us. There were no high expectations for their success, but they worked hard and it paid off.

        CT: The current Team McEwen/Carruthers because I got to meet them at Camp Carruthers a few years ago. However, a specific player I strive to be like is Brendan Bottcher. He is focused and calm on the ice, and he comes in clutch all the time.

        KM: Team Homan, but specifically Joanne Courtney

        EH: Team Kevin Koe, but specifically Ben Hebert because we share the same last name


2. What is your favorite breakfast food?

  AT: Blueberry pancakes

        CT: Waffles, specifically from Waffle House (Charlie noted that it is a good thing we don’t have Waffle House in the Midwest, otherwise they would make up a large part of his diet)

        KM: Avocado toast

        EH: I’m not really a breakfast fan, so granola bars


3. What TV Show did you binge most recently?

  AT: The Good Place

        CT: House of Cards

        KM: Gossip Girl for probably the sixth time

        EH: Stranger Things


4. Favorite junior curling memory?

  AT: The Cape Cod Summer Spiel, which was especially exciting this past year due to a tornado

        CT: My first playdown was in Minnesota when I was about 12. We went up against an older team right away and lost by a lot. It made me realize that curling would be tough, but that I still wanted to keep playing and working hard.

        KM: The Cape Cod Summer Spiel because it is low pressure and allows you to have fun and curl with and against friends you don’t usually get to compete against.

        EH: Playing down for U18s because you get to play against local teams. Even when we have to play in tiebreak games multiple years in a row.


5. If you and the team dropped a mixtape, what three songs would you pick to be on it?

AT: “Dance Monkey’ by Tones and I; “Don’t be So serious” by Low Roar; “Be prepared” from The Lion King

        CT: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears; “California Dreaming” by the Mamas and the Papas; “Little lies: by Fleetwood Mac 

        KM: “Lottery (Renegade from TikTok)” by K Camp: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond; “No Idea” by Don Toliver

  EH: “Lucid Dreams and Bandit” by Juice WRLD; “My Shot” (from Hamilton) by Lin Manuel Miranda

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