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Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles Selection Process

Aug. 13, 2020, 7:25 p.m. (ET)


Aug. 13, 2020

(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) --The World Curling Federation (WCF) announced the new and exciting discipline of Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles.  Once the discipline and ensuing 2020 World Championship are approved at the upcoming WCF Virtual Congress, the first Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles World Championship will be held at a site and date that are to be determined. 

While an on-ice selection is much preferred, in light of the current pandemic and the continued cancellation of National Team camps and National Team selection events, USA Curling will select the inaugural Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles team as detailed below.

  • The application process will be published on the USA Curling website and emailed to the current Wheelchair Curling mailing list no less than 10 days prior to the application deadline. The deadline for application will be included in the posting and in the email.

  • Applicants will register as an individual, clearly stating their gender (Mixed Doubles is a co-ed sport).

  • Applicants must have a confirmed classification status with the WCF, or have a disability that meets the current WCF classification guidelines.

  • For the inaugural season of Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles, an athlete may compete on one National Team.  Athletes selected to the Wheelchair Curling National “A” Team may apply for selection to the Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles National Team, but must clearly indicate which team they intend to participate on at the time of application to the Mixed Doubles selection.

The selection committee will be comprised of at least the following individuals:

  • National Wheelchair Curling Mixed Doubles Coach

  • Team Leader or National Team Director

  • AAC Rep (AB or Para), or designated alternate

  • Prior US Curling National Team Athlete, any discipline

The Selection Committee will review the applications and establish rankings of the top three athletes of each gender. The highest ranked male and female athlete will be nominated to the Mixed Doubles National Team.    

If a selected athlete must leave the team for any reason, the selection committee will nominate, in order, the next available athlete from the gender specific rank order listing.

Comments on this procedure may be directed to USA Curling at until 3:30PM (CST) on August 28, 2020.  To maintain the confidentiality of those who provide comments, USA Curling office staff will remove identifying characteristics from all received emails prior to forwarding to wheelchair curling coaching staff.   

Following the review of received comments, the selection process and application will be posted on the USA Curling website and emailed to the current Wheelchair Curling mailing list on or about August 31. The application window will be open for no less than 10 days from the date of posting. The deadline for application will be disclosed on the website and in the email that is sent to athletes. 

Applicants must submit all required documents (as listed in the application) by the application deadline for the application to be considered complete.  Any application deemed incomplete at the deadline will not be considered.