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Rough day on the ice for U.S. teams in Beijing

By Terry L. Davis | May 10, 2019, 11:07 a.m. (ET)


May 10, 2019


Rough day for U.S. teams at Curling World Cup Grand Final


(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) – Team USA stumbled on day three of the Curling World Cup Grand Final in Beijing, China, and will need to be perfect on the final day in hopes of getting to the playoffs.


Team USA’s mixed doubles team of Sarah Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.) and Korey Dropkin (Duluth, Minn.) lost both of their matches today but are still in contention with a 3-2 record and nine points. In the morning draw, the duo gave up seven points over two ends late in their match against Switzerland’s Michelle Jaeggi and Sven Michel to suffer their first loss. In the afternoon session, Canada’s Laura Walker and Kirk Muyres scored a point in the eighth end to level their record against the U.S. team when they secured an 9-8 victory at Beijing Shougang Sports Center. In Group B, Norway’s Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten (4-1) have earned enough points to punch a ticket to the mixed doubles final on Sunday.


Canada’s Matt Dunstone rink defeated John Shuster’s team, 5-2, to drop the American men to 2-2 in Group A standings. Shuster (Superior, Wis.) and teammates Chris Plys (Duluth, Minn.), Matt Hamilton (McFarland, Wis.) and John Landsteiner (Duluth, Minn.) will battle China (2-2) and Sweden (3-1) to close out the round robin on Saturday and hopefully make a run at another Curling World Cup title on Sunday.


Nina Roth and the U.S. ladies (0-4) lost a heartbreaker in the morning session via shootout against Canada’s Jennifer Jones rink. Roth (McFarland, Wis.) and her team of Tabitha Peterson (St. Paul, Minn.), Tara Peterson (Eagan, Minn.) and Becca Hamilton (McFarland, Wis.) had a draw for three to earn the win but came up light with the final stone to set up the shootout to determine the winner. Canada’s rock would be slightly closer to the button as they earned the win and two more points in the standings to lead Group A. China’s Yilun Jiang rink then got past the U.S. ladies, 7-3, in the afternoon session. In Group B, Switzerland’s Silvana Tirinzoni rink (4-0) is the first team to earn a spot in the women’s final.


USA line scores:

*USA (Nina Roth)                          200 120 02 – 7

Canada (Jennifer Jones)               021 002 20 – 7**


*Switzerland (Jaeggi-Michel)      002 043 10 – 10

USA (Anderson-Dropkin)             110 300 03 – 8


*Canada (Matt Dunstone)           003 100 1x – 5

USA (John Shuster)                       010 001 0x – 2


*USA (Nina Roth)                          101 001 0x – 3

China (Yilun Jiang)                         010 210 3x – 7


*USA (Anderson-Dropkin)           103 010 30 – 8

Canada (Walker-Muyres)            030 401 01 – 9

**winner via shootout

*last rock in first end


Standings: Mixed doubles

Group A:                                         W/L       Points

Canada 1 (Walker-Muyres)         4-1         11         

USA (Anderson-Dropkin)             3-2         9

Switzerland (Jaeggi-Michel)         2-3         7

China (Chang-Mingjie)                  1-4         3


Standings: Mixed doubles

Group B:                                          W/L       Points

Norway (Skaslien-Nedregotten) 4-1         13Q

Canada 2 (Sahaidak-Lott)            3-2         8

Switzerland 2 (Perret-Rios)         2-3         7

Russia (Komarova-Goriachev)    1-4         2


Standings: Men

Group A:                                         W/L       Points

Sweden (Edin)                                3-1         9

China (Zou)                                     2-2         6

USA (Shuster)                                 2-2         5

Canada 1 (Dunstone)                   1-3         4


Standings: Men

Group B:                                          W/L       Points

Scotland (Paterson)                      3-1         9

Switzerland (Schwaller)                3-1         9

Canada 2 (Koe)                              2-2         6

Norway (Ulsrud)                            0-4         0


Standings: Women

Group A:                                         W/L       Points

Canada (Jones)                              4-0         10

Japan (Fujisawa)                            2-2         7

China (Jiang)                                   2-2         6

USA (Roth)                                      0-4         1


Standings: Women

Group B:                                          W/L       Points

Switzerland (Tirinzoni)                 4-0         12Q

Russia (Sidorova)                           2-2         6

Korea (Kim)                                     1-3         3

Sweden (Hasselborg)                   1-3         3


TV and lives scores:

The Olympic Channel and NBCSN are providing coverage in the U.S. for the event. To see a complete schedule, go to https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Curling/Features/2019/May/02/Curling-World-Cup-TV-schedule. Live scores of every game are available at https://www.curlingworldcup.com/events/grand-final-beijing-china.


Team USA’s schedule (all times local, +12 ET):


8:30 a.m., USA men vs. China

12 p.m., USA mixed doubles vs. China; USA women vs. Japan

4 p.m., USA men vs. Sweden

7:30 p.m., USA women vs. Canada



9 a.m., men’s final

1 p.m., mixed doubles final

4 p.m., women’s final


To learn more about the new Curling World Cup, go to www.curlingworldcup.com/.


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