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Rough start sets Germany up for win over USA

By Terry L. Davis | March 19, 2019, 6:58 a.m. (ET)


March 19, 2019


Rough start haunts Team USA at Women’s World Championship


(SILKEBORG, Denmark) – A rough start to this morning’s game against Germany proved too much to overcome in a 10-5 loss for Jamie Sinclair and the American ladies at the 2019 LGT World Women’s Curling Championship.


Down 7-1 after four ends to Daniela Jentsch, Sinclair (Osgoode, Ontario) and teammates Sarah Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.), Taylor Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.), and Monica Walker (St. Paul, Minn.) tried in earnest to rally and keep rocks in play to set up potential steal opportunities at Silkeborg Sportscenter. The valiant effort did not pay off as Germany answered most of the American challenges.


“You have to take a lot of chances and keep their rocks around and try to use them the best you can. Obviously, it’s not going to work out every time – sometimes you give up a big end. But that’s what you have to do to try and steal,” said Sinclair, 27, a three-time U.S. national champion. “We were just on the wrong side of the inch of pretty much everything today so it didn’t work out in our favor. We definitely didn’t give up and were trying our hardest to get as many points as we could.”


The Americans became more comfortable in the second half of the game, but the deficit proved too large as Germany collected its third win of the 12-game round robin.


“We just didn’t have a handle on the ice, right from practice. We didn’t have a good LSD (Last Stone Draw) and that just carried through to the game and we are just guessing a little bit on how much it would curl and what the speed was,” Sinclair said. “It was curling a little bit less than it was yesterday and that caught us – and it was a little bit slower as well, so we were just struggling to figure out the ice.”


Germany was cruising along in the opening end toward scoring a deuce but did not get Jentsch’s first skip stone into the rings. The German women were then hoping to blank the first end but were not able to roll Jentsch’s stone out of the rings as they accepted a single point.


The second end proved disastrous for Team USA as Germany piled granite in the rings and the U.S. couldn’t remove more than the guards on runback attempts. Sinclair’s final shot was off target and left three rocks in the house for Germany to collect all the points and go up 4-0. The third end didn’t go as structured as the American ladies would like either and Sinclair was forced to draw against two German rocks for a single point as they got on the scoreboard for the first time.


The fourth end was not any kinder to Team USA as Germany eventually had a draw for three points after a series of bad luck opened the gates for the Germans.


Things finally shaped up for the Americans in the fifth end when they converted a huge angle runback to score three points to attempt to claw back into the game. Germany’s vice skip Emira Abbes finally missed a shot in the sixth end to open up a window for the U.S. to potentially set up a steal as Sinclair drew into a pocket to cover the button. Germany was able to freeze onto the U.S. stone and bump it back enough to grab shot stone. However, USA wasn’t finished just yet. Sinclair converted a delicate weight double takeout to sit three. Germany was forced into a difficult draw to cover the open spot on the top half of the button – and placed it perfectly to score and take the air out of Team USA’s rally.


The U.S. tried to push the offense in the seventh end but couldn’t get the rolls they needed after takeouts. Sinclair was eventually forced to draw for a single point while facing three German stones. against three. Germany gave the U.S. an opening late in the eighth end to set up a steal but the Germans would out-draw the U.S. and place their stones better as the opportunity evaporated. Germany scored two and the U.S. conceded to move on to prepare for tonight’s match against Canada (3-2). Fans can watch that game live on the Olympic Channel and then again on NBCSN and NBCSN’s webstream later in the evening (11 p.m. ET).


Line score:

*Germany          130 301 02x x – 10

USA                     001 030 10x x – 5

*last rock in first end


Other Draw 9 scores: Russia 9, China 7;



China                  5-1

Russia                 5-1

Sweden              4-1

Korea                  3-1

Canada               3-2

Japan                  3-2

Scotland             3-2

Germany            3-2

Switzerland        2-2

USA                     2-4

Denmark            0-5

Finland               0-5

Latvia                  0-5


How to watch: In partnership with World Curling TV, the Olympic Channel and NBCSN are providing live coverage of all of Team USA’s round robin games plus the playoffs. To see the complete schedule, go to


Live scores & social media: Live scores are posted at USA Curling is posting game recaps and photos after each U.S. game at The official event hashtags are #wwcc2019 and #curling.


Team USA schedule (all times local, Central European Time (CET)):

Tuesday: 7 p.m., USA vs. Canada (Chelsea Carey)

Wednesday: 2 p.m., USA vs. Latvia (Iveta Stasa-Sarsune); 7 p.m., USA vs. Sweden (Anna Hasselborg)

Thursday: 2 p.m., USA vs. China (Jie Mei)

Friday: 9 a.m., USA vs. Scotland (Sophie Jackson); 2 p.m., USA vs. Switzerland (Silvana Tirinzoni)


USA round robin results:

Russia 8, USA 7

USA 6, Finland 3

Korea 9, USA 5

USA 8, Denmark 6

Japan 9, USA 5


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