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USA ladies pick up second win at World Championship in Denmark

By Terry L. Davis | March 18, 2019, 7:44 a.m. (ET)


March 18, 2019


USA secures second win at Women’s World Championship


(SILKEBORG, Denmark) – It took a lot of grit and patience, but Jamie Sinclair and Team USA picked up its second win at the 2019 LGT World Women’s Curling Championship.


Several big shots from Sinclair, 27, helped the American team when they needed it most in a 6-3 victory over Finland’s Oona Kauste this morning at Silkeborg Sportscenter.


“It feels good to have the second win on the board,” Sinclair said.


No shot was bigger than the one Sinclair (Osgoode, Ontario) and teammates Sarah Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.), Taylor Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.), and Monica Walker (St. Paul, Minn.)

made in the fourth end for a single steal when Finland was poised to break the game open with a big scoring end.


The U.S. had a 2-1 lead after three ends when Finland’s stone was pulled for a hogline violation that gave the Americans a tapback to score two points. Team USA missed multiple shots in the fourth end, but it was Sinclair’s last one that bailed the team out from a rocky situation in which Finland could potentially score three or four. With three Finnish stones in scoring position, USA placed Sinclair’s first stone in position to be tapped forward with her final stone. Kauste’s guard did not finish perfectly, giving a ray of hope for Team USA with their last skip stone. Sinclair was left with a difficult angle double-tap that spun perfectly into the pocket to become shot stone. Finland, dejected and with disgust, just threw the last stone to concede the steal.


“It was a little bit nerve-wracking. We were in a little bit of trouble. The end definitely got away from us and it was a lot messier than we were anticipating,” Sinclair said about the fourth end. “On my first one I knew that’s what I had to do. I knew I wasn’t going to get shot but I had to set up some sort of set-up shot and then their guard just came a little bit close and gave me that angle. It was a lot thinner than I thought, but it was definitely there so I was just happy to lob one in there.”


Tons of granite was in play to begin the game and it was working to Finland’s advantage as they took a 2-0 lead in the second end before the U.S. scored that deuce in the third. After the big shot by the U.S. in the fourth, Finland opted to bring the heartbeat level down a pace with a clean fifth end that resulted in a blank. In the sixth, the U.S. opened the door for Finland to score two points when they unfortunately had two heavy draws with Sinclair’s skip stones. Finland, however, was its own worst enemy as Kauste was heavy as well and they only scored one.


After blanking the seventh end, the U.S. had a great chance to score multiple points but only came up with one in the eighth when Finland’s last draw set up a more difficult double takeout try for Sinclair. Good shooting from the U.S. in the ninth left two stones in the rings to force a hit for one point for Finland. Kauste’s stone, however, would clip the center guard for a disastrous result for the Finns as the U.S. stole two points.


Too many miscues from Finland – coupled with well-executed shots from the Americans – did not allow the Finnish ladies to set up the big end that they desperately needed in the 10th as the U.S. earned its second victory of the championship.


Up next for Team USA (2-2) in the 12-game round robin will be Russia, which secured an 8-4 win over Japan this morning to improve to 3-1.


“It was a little bit of a momentum switch in that (fourth) end and we carried that on through the rest of the game. We are hoping to carry that forward into tonight’s game,” said Sinclair, who is representing the U.S. at this event for the second time.


In the other game with morning, Latvia came close yet again to earning its first victory of the world championship but China escaped with the win to stay undefeated when they converted a perfect tap to win the game.


Line score:

*Finland             110 001 000 x – 3

USA                     002 100 012 x – 6

*last rock in first end


Other Draw 6 scores: Russia 8, Japan 4; China 6, Latvia 5



China                  4-0

Korea                  3-0

Russia                 3-1

Sweden              3-1

Canada               2-1

Germany            2-1

Japan                  2-2

USA                     2-2

Scotland             1-2

Switzerland        1-2

Denmark            0-3

Finland               0-4

Latvia                  0-4


How to watch: In partnership with World Curling TV, the Olympic Channel and NBCSN will combine to carry live coverage of all of Team USA’s round robin games plus the playoffs. To see the complete schedule, go to


Live scores & social media: Live scores will be posted at USA Curling will post game recaps and photos after each U.S. game at The official event hashtags are #wwcc2019 and #curling.


Team USA schedule (all times local, Central European Time (CET)):

Monday: USA vs. Russia (Alina Kosaleva)

Tuesday: 9 a.m., USA vs. Germany (Daniela Jentsch); 7 p.m., USA vs. Canada (Chelsea Carey)

Wednesday: 2 p.m., USA vs. Latvia (Iveta Stasa-Sarsune); 7 p.m., USA vs. Sweden (Anna Hasselborg)

Thursday: 2 p.m., USA vs. China (Jie Mei)

Friday: 9 a.m., USA vs. Scotland (Sophie Jackson); 2 p.m., USA vs. Switzerland (Silvana Tirinzoni)


USA round robin results:

USA 6, Finland 3

Korea 9, USA 5

USA 8, Denmark 6

Japan 9, USA 5


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