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USA Curling Ambassador Program formally launches

Dec. 20, 2019, 12:25 p.m. (ET)

USA Curling Ambassador Program

Grow curling in your area with a visit from Tyler George

What?: 2018 Olympic gold medalist Tyler George knows the importance of curling and community and that is why USA Curling has created the USA Curling Ambassador Program for 2020.  Tyler is on tour and your club could be next on the gold-medal stop! Whether it be to work with your junior curlers, help your fundraising efforts, conduct an outreach in your community on behalf of your club, or watch “Curling Night in America” with your club to learn more about strategy, Tyler is available on a limited basis in 2020.*

Where?: At your club, in your community at your schools or your service club luncheons, golf course or even just in front of your club’s TV for “Curling Night in America!”

Why?: Tyler loves to give back to curling and share his stories, curling expertise and love of the sport with the club members who cheered him on throughout his career. Your club and community, with the help of USA Curling, can make it happen.

When?: First come, first served. Limited availability.* Currently booking out through July 2020.

How?:  Submit your request for Tyler by clicking here. You will be asked about your plans with Tyler and the commitment your club will make.  A representative of USA Curling will call you to talk about your plan and work out details including timing appearances and financials.  Some things to consider when creating your plan:

  • Will it be a single club or multiple-club event?
  • How many days?
  • Club financial commitment
  • Is your event a fundraiser?
  • Are you hosting a simultaneous Growth and Development event such as a learn-to-curl, Hit-Draw-Tap Challenge or skills camp?
  • Is there a local business partner that could help offset the cost?

Clubs can use this event as a great opportunity to fundraise and grow within their communities. Clubs are encouraged to reach out to local media outlets to maximize the exposure. Be creative, join with another local club, community sponsors, local schools – an Olympic champion could be coming to your town and THAT does not often happen! 

Cost to club: Yes, there is a cost to the USA Curling Ambassador Program but it is nominal in relation to the potential benefits your club will receive when Tyler visits. Please note that USA Curling does not profit from these visits. We want as many USCA member clubs as possible to experience this rare opportunity to enjoy a visit from Tyler and hold his Olympic gold medal!  

Typical costs involved in an USA Curling Ambassador Program appearance:

  • Airfare or mileage, roundtrip (paid by USA Curling)
  • Ambassador Stipend (paid by USA Curling)
  • Hotel/lodging (club responsibility)
  • Meals (club responsibility)
  • Car rental or transportation (club responsibility)
  • Minimum club commitment:$500 (average)

Do not hesitate, book Tyler today!

*Due to budget and time restrictions, USA Curling will do its best to approve as many Ambassador visits as financially possible.

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