Mixed doubles team close to spot in Curling World Cup final

By Terry L. Davis | Sept. 14, 2018, 3:11 p.m. (ET)


Sept. 14, 2018

U.S. mixed doubles team inching toward final at Curling World Cup in China

(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) – Team USA’s mixed doubles duo of Sarah Anderson and Korey Dropkin need one more point to secure their spot in Sunday’s final at the Curling World Cup in Suzhou, China.

Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.) and Dropkin (Duluth, Minn.) improved to 5-0 with two more wins today at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre. In the morning draw, the duo started out with a perfect six-end score to get out fast against Korea’s Hyeri Jang and Chiwon Choi. The American duo didn’t slow down in an eventual 18-4 win. The U.S. team would then get past China, 9-2. The two wins today gave the Americans the maximum 15 Curling World Cup points. The final round robin game will be a rematch against the 2018 Olympic silver medalists Jenny Perret and Martin Rios from Switzerland. A single point against Switzerland would be enough to put the U.S. team into the final against Canada, which secured a berth out of Group A. However, if Switzerland wins, in eight ends, the two teams would be level on Curling World Cup points and the finalist would be decided by tie-breaker rules (see below). Teams are awarded three points for a win in eight ends, two for a win via shootout and one for a loss via shootout.

Nina Roth and the U.S. women’s team suffered their first loss of the tournament when Rachel Homan’s Canadian squad defeated the U.S., 9-1. Roth and teammates Tabitha Peterson (Eagan, Minn.), Becca Hamilton (McFarland, Wis.) and Aileen Geving (Duluth, Minn.) bounced back to defeat Korea’s Minji Kim, 8-5, to improve to 3-1 overall in Group B. The U.S. squad has remaining games against Russia and Canada.

Rich Ruohonen and the U.S. men lost a close match to Sweden’s Niklas Edin via shootout. Ruohonen and his team of Greg Persinger (Fairbanks, Alaska), Sean Beighton (Seattle), and Kroy Nernberger (Madison, Wis.) tied the game with two points in the final end. However, to break the tie Sweden bested the U.S. on the shootout score. The American men are 2-2 and in second place in Group A with seven points behind Norway.


Group A: Men

Country              Record  Points

Norway               3-1         9

USA                     2-2         7

Sweden              2-2         5

China                  1-3         3

Group B: Men

Country              Record  Points

Canada               4-0         12

Scotland             3-1         9

Switzerland        1-3         3

Japan                  0-4         0

Group A: Women

Country              Record  Points

Sweden              4-0         12

Japan                  2-2         6

China                  1-3         3

Scotland             1-3         3

Group B: Women

Country              Record  Points

Canada               4-0         12

USA                     3-1         9

Russia                 1-3         3

Korea                  0-4         0

Group A: Mixed Doubles

Country              Record  Points

Canada               4-1Q      12

Russia                 2-3         7

Norway               2-3         6

Sweden              2-3         5

Group B: Mixed Doubles

Country              Record  Points

USA                     5-0         15

Switzerland        4-1         12

China                  1-4         3

Korea                  0-4         0

Q=Qualified for championship final

About the World Cup:

The Curling World Cup is a four leg international curling series that runs from September to May each season and features men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competitions. Eight teams will compete in each discipline per tournament. The games are eight ends in length and no extra ends are played. If a game is tied after eight ends a draw-to-the-button takes place. From 2018 to 2022 the Curling World Cup will be staged in Suzhou, China; Omaha, United States; Stockholm, Sweden; and Beijing, China. The first three legs qualify teams for the Grand Final in Beijing.

What are Curling World Cup points?
In the first three Curling World Cup legs teams will be handed three points for wins in eight ends and two points if they win after a single stone shoot-out. The single stone shoot-out replaces extra ends in this competition. Teams that lose shoot-outs get a single point and losing teams after eight ends gets no points. In addition, the winning teams at each event and in each discipline, get 10 points and the runners-up five points. These Curling World Cup points are used to establish a Curling World Cup ranking and are credited to Member Associations (the competing nations) in each discipline. 

How can I watch it?
The Olympic Channel, in partnership with NBC and World Curling TV, will air 14 games live. To view the full schedule, go to https://www.curlingworldcup.com/news/curling-world-cup-live-coverage-details-revealed.
There will also be a daily live blog and live scores on www.curlingworldcup.com. You can also follow all the latest on Twitter and Instagram (@CurlingWorldCup) and via the #CurlingWorldCup hashtag.

How are ties broken at the Curling World Cup?
If any teams are tied, in their respective groups, at the end of the round robin the following criteria is used to break the tie:

  1. Teams with more points out of the direct games are ranked higher
  2. If teams have the same points out of direct games the teams with more three points wins are ranked higher
  3. If teams have the same points out of direct games and the same amount of three points wins, the teams with more wins in general are ranked higher
  4. If, nevertheless, teams can’t be ranked clearly as stated above the ‘Team Shoot-Out’ will decide the group ranking;
    • Women/Men: all four players throw a single stone from the away end to the home end; Turns: 2x clockwise and 2x counter-clockwise; the average result of the best three results will be the ‘Team Shoot-Out’ result
    • Mixed Doubles: Both players throw a single stone; both turns have to be played (clockwise and counter-clockwise); the average result will be the ‘Team Shoot-Out’ result

Which American teams are competing?

Here is a look at the U.S. teams competing in future events of the Curling World Cup:

  • World Cup, Leg 2, Dec. 5-9, Omaha, Neb: John Shuster and Jamie Sinclair rinks; mixed doubles team of Olympians Tabitha Peterson and Joe Polo
  • World Cup, Leg 3, Jan. 30-Feb. 3, Jonkoping, Sweden: Mark Fenner and Cory Christensen rinks; mixed doubles duo of Olympians Becca Hamilton and Matt Hamilton (both of McFarland, Wis.)
  • World Cup, Grand Final, May 8-12, Beijing, China: Competing teams determined on results of past three Cups

To learn more about the new Curling World Cup, go to https://www.curlingworldcup.com/. Tickets for the second leg in Omaha are currently on sale. Find out more here, https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Curling/Features/2018/September/05/Tickets-to-World-Cup-of-Curling-in-Omaha-now-on-sale.

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