Get to know Team Dubberstein

By Terry L. Davis | Nov. 26, 2018, 2:06 p.m. (ET)

This fall we introduced a new web series focused on getting to know some of the athletes in USA Curling’s Junior High Performance Program as we build toward Beijing 2022 and beyond. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Team Annmarie Dubberstein:

Annmarie Dubberstein, skip, 20, hails from Portage, Wis., and is a student at the University of Minnesota attending the Carlson School of Management. She is majoring in marketing and international business with a minor in business analytics. She’s hoping to go into sales or digital marketing after graduation.

Curing superstition: “During long competitions I cannot shave my legs until the competition is over.”

Greatest on-ice moment: “Probably after winning my first Junior Nationals. My coach, Bev, came out on the ice with tears running down her face and the biggest smile, arms widespread. It was the greatest feeling knowing that after all the hard work together we had finally accomplished the goal we set years prior.”

Person who has influenced her curling career the most: “The person who has influenced me most is my former coach, Beverly Schroeder. I have really modeled my mindset after hers and always aspire to be as resilient as her.”


Favorite club/arena to curl at: “I like curling at the St. Paul Curling Club. I didn’t think I would have a curling club in the cities that has the home-like feel that I had in Portage, Wis.”


Celebrity she’d like to join Team Dubberstein: Jennifer Lawrence


Favorite off-ice workout: Lifting at the gym at my apartment


Favorite meal: Spring chicken, a dish that my mom makes.

Team USA bio:

Cora Farrell, vice skip, 19, is from Fairbanks, Alaska, and currently a student at the University of Minnesota majoring in political science. “I am undecided about what I want to do when I am done. The Air Force, law school and U.S. Government careers are all on my radar.”

Greatest on ice moment: “My greatest moment on the ice would be at the 2016 Youth Olympic Games when we won the semifinal against Russia (who had served us our only pool play loss) and secured a medal for Team USA.” 

Favorite curling club: Fairbanks CC, her home club

Celebrity she’d like to have join Team Dubberstein: Serena Williams

Favorite off-ice workout: A hilly trail run outdoors

Favorite meal: Breakfast

Team USA bio:

Jenna Burchesky, second, 21, is from Walpole, Mass., and a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire majoring in organizational communications with a topical minor in sports team management. She hopes to work in project management after graduation. She currently works part-time at Barks and Recreation, a dog boarding, daycare and training facility.

Greatest on-ice moment: Winning Junior National Championships

Biggest curling influence: “My dad because he and I both share the same love and passion for the sport.”

Favorite curling club: Broomstones, Wayland, Mass.

Celebrity she’d like to have join Team Dubberstein: Mike Peplinski, U.S. curling Olympian

Favorite off-ice workout: Weightlifting

Favorite food: Any type of pasta

Team USA bio:

Allison Howell, 19, is the team’s lead and she hails from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. A student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she is majoring in nutritional science.

Greatest on-ice moment: “Greatest moment was at Junior Worlds 2017 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Right before the game an ice maker had come up to me and asked me how my grandfather was and my response was, ‘He is dead’ and the ice maker replied ‘Oh, I’m sorry, wrong person.’ It was a very interesting start to a game.”

Biggest curling influence: “My brother Tom Howell has influenced me to keep curling because he has come so far at his age and it makes me eager to see if I can do the same, if not better. 

Curling superstition: “I have never untied my curling shoes.”

Favorite curling club: Red Deer Curling Center

Celebrity she’d like to have join Team Dubberstein: Sandra Bullock

Favorite off-ice workout: Squatting kettlebell swings 

Favorite food: Thanksgiving meal

Team USA bio:

The team is coached by Wayne Anderson of Broomall, Pa., who has a long history of coaching curling teams. Learn more about Team Dubberstein by visiting the team’s Facebook page at

To see the team's competition schedule and results, click here.