7 Days of Thankfulness Giveaways Underway

Nov. 15, 2018, 9:53 a.m. (ET)


Thank you to all who entered our contest! Look for another one in December!

Day 7 answer: 20 (winner, Erik Wisuri, Duluth CC)

Day 6 answer: AtomOS [also known as AtomAmpd] (winner, Emily Kutchera, Stevens Point CC)

Day 5 answer: Nina Roth rink (winner, Sharon Quill, Broomstones CC)

Day 4 answer: Curling Club of Houston (winner, Mike Knaggs, Ardsley CC)

Day 3 answer: Arena National Championships (winner, Tony Bomber, Appleton CC)

Day 2 answer: Omaha (winner, Sarah Wruck, Kansas City CC)

Day 1 answer: 2 USCA instructor clinics (winner: Andrea Stepnosky, Plainfield CC)

USA Curling is celebrating Thanksgiving and giving thanks with seven days of giveaways Nov. 15-21! Search daily at www.usacurl.org to find the answer to the Question of the Day.

Each giveaway item will be will be announced via the USA Curling website and shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Entries submitted between 12:01am CT and 11:59pm CT will be included for the drawing that day. Only one entry per person per day will be included in the drawing for that day. For a complete listing of terms and conditions click here.

Search the USA Curling website for the answer to today's trivia question (above). Then click here to enter the giveaway.