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Sign up for the first Can-Am Cup Tour

July 18, 2018, 10:25 a.m. (ET)

[Update, 10/22: Registration deadline extended to 11/15]

Have you ever wanted to curl in Canada? Have you ever hoped that you could visit the Eastern Maritime Provinces with a group of dedicated and entertaining curlers from around the United States? Here is your chance!

The United States Curling Association and Curling Canada are joining forces to establish a men’s curling exchange modeled on the very popular and successful Scot Tour. The Scot Tour was begun in 1952 and has been played every five years since, alternating between the USA and Scotland. To a man, Scot Tour participants from both sides of the Atlantic rave about their experiences – friendships made and renewed, keen competition on fine curling ice, superb food, single malts, hops, and, of course, unexcelled camaraderie. Nightly banquets along with both hotel and local homestays add to the allure of the Scot Tour. We hope, with your participation, to create a similar tradition with the Can-Am Cup Tour.

The Can-Am Cup Tour is planned to begin in November 2019 with a group of 20 American curlers traveling to four Canadian Maritime Provinces – Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island – and curling local teams from 20 curling clubs. Like the Scot Tour, the Can-Am Cup Tour will represent the best in American curling – fine curlers, gentlemen, comrades, and ambassadors.  

Team selection will be made in the Fall of 2018 by members of the organizing committee. Selectees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated exceptional service to curling such as by serving as local, state/regional, and national officers/directors of curling organizations.
  • Performed significant committee, bonspiel, and instructional duties and responsibilities.
  • Special talents that will contribute to the team and the experience, such as entertainment skills, ambassadorial capabilities, organizational, and creative expertise.
  • Competitive curling skills and a willingness/flexibility to play a team role.
  • Enthusiasm, energy, mental toughness, congeniality, flexibility, and resourcefulness.
  • Physical and emotional capability to participate in a program that involves a very demanding curling, travel and, social schedule over 17 days in constant close proximity with 19 other talented people.

If you fit the bill described above you can find a Can-Am Cup Tour Nomination Form and additional information at the Can-Am Cup website at, or you can contact any of the organizing committee members:               

Steve McKee, tour captain (

Matt Gamboa, vice captain (

Ferd Schlapper, treasurer (

Steven O’Connor, secretary (

The deadline for submission of Nomination Forms is Oct. 31. For the ladies reading this and wondering, “what about us?” you’ll be pleased to know the USWCA has been organizing Scotland tours since 1955 and Canada tours since 2006. The 2018 Friendship Tour to Canada gets underway this Fall and the next Scot Tour arrives in the states in 2021. Visit for more information on these events