Americans pick up second win in Olympic mixed doubles

By Terry L. Davis | Feb. 10, 2018, 8:21 a.m. (ET)


Feb. 10, 2018

USA picks up second win in mixed doubles curling

(GANGNEUNG, South Korea) – Team USA’s Becca Hamilton and Matt Hamilton finally broke through for a second win in mixed doubles curling as they defeated Norway tonight at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

The win, however, is bittersweet as they have been officially eliminated from playoff contention.

“It’s disappointing knowing that we are not going to move forward to the final four. But you know we can take away a lot from this experience. We know that we are capable of playing with the best in the world. We just didn’t do it this week,” said Becca Hamilton, 27, who will compete with the U.S. women’s team beginning Wednesday.

“Even now when it’s mathematically not possible for them to qualify, you can still build on this,” said Jake Higgs, U.S. coach. “They are both in the men’s and women’s event coming up. They can still build on this experience, dealing with the pressure of an Olympic Games and, hopefully, that helps them with their men’s and women’s teams to move toward the medals.”

The U.S. team struggled out of the gates in tonight’s match against Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten at the Gangneung Curling Centre but capitalized on key mistakes from their opponent to secure a 10-3 victory.

“We’ve been playing fairly well – just not closing out games,” Higgs said. “Today, we had a big break with the steal of four there in the fourth end and we finally had appointment with some shots. We’ve been cursed a bit with the opponents making a lot of shots, but this game fell our way.”

Canada clinched the first of four semifinal berths by improving to 5-1 with an 8-2 triumph over the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR). Norway, OAR and Switzerland are tied for second place with 4-2 records while China (3-3) is hoping to get into a tiebreaker situation when the round robin concludes tomorrow morning.

The U.S. team was held to single points in the first and third ends as they struggled to get their draw weight sorted out.

The tide turned, however, when Matt Hamilton’s first stone of the fourth was placed in a great position on the button. The U.S. duo had solid draw weight the rest of the end and had Norway chasing. With the final stone, Skaslien was facing four U.S. counters and her stone failed to reach the far hogline as the Americans stole all four points for a 6-3 advantage. The U.S. team would take another point away from the Norwegians in the fifth end when Skaslien’s draw was heavy. The U.S. kept the pressure on in the sixth and Skaslien was again facing a bundle of American granite in the four-foot. The result was another miss for Norway as the U.S. team earned three points to wrap up their second victory.

“He was making his hits this game – I’ve never seen Matt hit and roll out as much as he did earlier this week. I think he was really connecting with the ice. I was really proud of his performance. He’s a great partner. I love him to death!” Becca Hamilton said about her brother’s shooting tonight.

The Americans will finish the round robin against Finland (0-6) tomorrow at 9 a.m. with a sixth-place finish as the best possible outcome.

“The crowd here has been awesome. They are cheering for made shots. When we played Korea and we made a shot they were cheering, too,” Becca Hamilton said. “They’ve been more than we could have asked for. There’s a lot of random U.S. fans out there, too, which we love to see.”

Line score:

Norway               030 000 xx – 3

*USA                   101 413 xx – 10

*last rock to begin game

Other game scores: Canada 8, OAR 2; China 10, Finland 5; Switzerland 6, Korea 4


Canada               5-1Q

OAR                     4-2Q

Norway               4-2

Switzerland        4-2

China                  3-3

Korea                  2-4

USA                     2-4

Finland               0-6

Q=Qualified for playoffs

USA round robin results:

USA 9, OAR 3

Canada 6, USA 4

Switzerland 9, USA 4

Korea 9, USA 1

China 6, USA 4

USA 10, Norway 3

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