Athletes in Junior D Pool announced

Aug. 03, 2018, 2:20 p.m. (ET)

Junior HPP Developmental Pool

USA Curling announces the HPP Developmental Pool (D-Pool) for individual junior curlers ages 16-18. The purpose of the D-Pool is to broaden the skills of our U-18 junior curlers by providing the same sport science competencies received by our Junior HPP athletes. If all our juniors become better curlers as a group, the likelihood of sustained competitive success for Team USA at Junior World Championships increases, and so too, at the adult level.

Over the course of the nine-month session, athletes will receive training in strength and conditioning, mental skills, sports nutrition, and injury prevention from our HPP junior coaches, D-Pool coaches, Olympic Training Center staff, and other HPP partners, culminating in a Developmental Camp in Minneapolis, Minn., in early April. The camp will give the coaches a chance to get to know the athlete, work with them on the technical aspects of the game, as well as the sports science competencies that play a key role in success at an elite level. Athletes will be tested on technical proficiency, as well as on strength and conditioning.

The following athletes will be part of the Development Pool this season:

Anna Armstrong

Damaris Berg

Daniel Casper

Anna Cenzalli

Samuel Clasen

Susan Dudt

Katherine Gourianova

Marius Kleinas

Andrea McDonald

Sydney Mullaney

Anna Netteberg

Abigail Page

Emma Rau

Nelson Rogers

Ethan Sampson

Joanna Seboth

Delaney Strouse

Samuel Strouse

Coleman Thurston

Tessa Wagner

Bryce Wainio