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USA ladies open World Senior Championships on winning note

By Terry L. Davis | April 21, 2018, 9:04 a.m. (ET)


April 21, 2018


USA ladies kick off World Senior Championships with victory over Russia


(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) – Team USA’s Margie Smith rink opened round robin competition of the 2018 World Senior Championships with a 6-3 victory over Russia this morning in Ostersund, Sweden.


Smith (Shoreview, Minn.) and teammates Norma O’Leary (Silver Bay, Minn.), Debbie Dexter (St. Paul, Minn.), and Shelly Kosal (Edgerton, Wis.) kicked off the seven-game round robin with a solid win over Russia’s Tatiana Smirnova rink.


“It’s always good to start with a win. You wait and wait and wait and wait. We came to play and we’re ready,” said Smith, who is making her fourth World Seniors appearance after winning the U.S. title back in January. “It’s nice to have a sure win to start with and then we’ll tune it up. You can always tune it up. It’s nice to have a little bit of experience, but it’s still a world event, you’ve still got the nerves and everything that’s going on, so it’s nice to get a win under our belt and get going.”


It was Russia that scored first with a single steal to begin the game. The U.S. settled in and scored two in the next end and limited the Russian ladies to a single in the third end. It was all Team USA in the next three ends as the Americans scored another deuce in the fourth and stole singles in the next two ends to go up 6-2. Russia would score just one more in the seventh and run out of stones as the U.S. began the world championship in the win column.


The U.S. ladies lead the Yellow Pool along with Australia and Canada. They return to the ice on Sunday against Sweden’s Anette Norberg, a well-known Olympic and world champion. Jeff Wright and the American men will play their first round-robin game tonight against Finland at 8:30 p.m. CEST. Live scores and updated standings are posted at


Line score, USA women:

*USA     020 211 0x – 6

Russia   101 000 1x – 3


Standings, Yellow Group:

Australia             1-0

Canada               1-0

USA                     1-0

Japan                  0-0

Sweden              0-0

Lithuania            0-1

Russia                 0-1

Poland                DNS


USA schedule & playoffs (all times local, +6 ET):


12 p.m., USA women vs. Russia (Tatiana Smirnova)

8:30 p.m., USA men vs. Finland (Jussi Uusipaavalniemi)


Sunday, April 22:

8 a.m., USA women vs. Sweden (Anette Norberg)


Monday, April 23:

8 a.m., USA women vs. Japan (Miyuki Kawamura)

12 p.m., USA men vs. Norway (team name not listed)

4 p.m., USA women vs. Canada (Sherry Anderson)


Tuesday, April 24:

4 p.m., USA women vs. Poland (team name not listed)

4 p.m., USA men vs. Russia (Igor Minin)


Wednesday, April 25:

8 a.m., USA women vs. Australia (Sandy Gagnon)

12 p.m., USA men vs. Ireland (Johnjo Kenny)

8 p.m., USA men vs. Latvia (Ansis Regza)


Thursday, April 26:

4 p.m., USA women vs. Lithuania (Rasa Veronika Jasaitiene)

8 p.m., USA men vs. Croatia (Neven Pufnik)


Playoff schedule:

Friday, April 27:

12 p.m., Men’s (4) and women’s (1) playoff qualification games

6 p.m., Men’s quarterfinals and women’s (1) playoff qualification games


Saturday, April 28:

9 a.m., Men’s & women’s semi-finals

2 p.m., Gold- and bronze-medal games



After the round robin concludes, the winners of the women’s groups will advance directly to the semifinals. The teams finishing second and third in each group will compete in qualification games to advance to the semifinals. After the men’s round robin, the four first-place teams will advance to the quarterfinals while the second- and third-place teams in each group will compete in qualification games with the winners advancing to the quarterfinals. No tiebreaker games will be played.

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