Applications being accepted for Junior High Performance Program

April 05, 2018, 6:56 p.m. (ET)

U.S. Curling Association Junior High Performance Program 2018-19 Application Form

(Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018)

The U.S. Curling Association (USCA) 2018-2019 Junior High Performance Program is aimed at identifying and developing the USA’s best talent for future competitive success. Athletes will be selected for the Junior High Performance Program (HPP) on an individual basis.  The USCA HPP Junior National Coaching Team in consultation with Derek Brown, Director of High Performance will review all applicants and select participants. Applicants should be aware that the HPP is aimed at the elite athlete population who have already excelled at the highest levels of Junior National, and U-18 National Championships. The deadline to submit applications for the 2018-19 Junior HPP is Friday, April 20, 2018. Applicants will be informed of the USCA HPP National Coaching Team’s decision on whether they have been accepted by Monday, May 7, 2018. The HPP expectations, opportunities, and full selection criteria can be found in Appendix I, below.   Requirements:  

1.  All applicants must be paid up members in good standing of the USCA and a member of a USCA-member club or alternatively, a one-time payment of a $100-per-athlete administrative fee must be paid.  

2.  Each applicant must meet the USCA's eligibility criteria for either Junior Nationals and/or Men's and Women's Nationals as per the current USCA rules book, which can be found at    3.  One application form per person.  

4.  Please fill in all details requested on the attached form, which includes a section asking why you would like to be considered for the High Performance Program.  Also, what your commitment is likely to be and what your competitive curling ambitions are both for the short and long term. 

 5.  Selected athletes will be required to sign and adhere to the USA Curling Athlete Agreement.  The 2015-16 Agreement can be found at: 

 6.  The High Performance Program is committed to achieving long-term, sustained competitive excellence.


APPENDIX I USA Curling High Performance Program (HPP) Selection Criteria 

The aim of USA Curling’s High Performance Program (HPP) is to select and support the best available athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence.  The expectation of the HPP is that all applicants should be at a current high level of performance and be realistically capable of representing the USA at the World Championship and Olympic levels. As a team sport, a variety of both objective and subjective selection criteria will be used. Team chemistry and coachability are also vital components of success and will be important elements of the selection process. Those applying to be part of the HPP for 2018-19 season may be invited to participate in a USA Curling Combine in Blaine, MN, at a date to be determined. The decision on who is invited to attend the Combine and who will be ultimately selected to the HPP will be made by USA Curling’s coaching staff.  

Objective Criteria (in no particular order)

     Previous results (International, National within the last 2 years)

     Past performances (individual performance statistics where available within the last 2 years)

     Curling Combine results  

Subjective Criteria (in no particular order)



     Playing position flexibility

     Willingness to participate

     Availability to participate

     Contribution to team chemistry 

     Future performance potential  

Athletes will be selected based on the above criteria and also on the opinion of the USCA HPP coaches and staff as to who has the potential to achieve sustained competitive excellence.  


USA Curling High Performance Program (HPP) Opportunities and Expectations  

Athlete Opportunities   

     Consistent access to dedicated HPP Coaches throughout Training and Competition

     Team USA gear package - Training, Competition and Travel 

     USOC Olympic Training Center(s) access as coordinated by the USCA Director of High Performance

     USOC programmatic support in the following areas:  Strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology, Nutrition & Medical

     National Training Center access 

     Logistical planning and financial support for Training and Competition budget


Athlete Expectations   

     Commitment to Team USA Training Program & Competition Schedule

     Adherence to the HPP agreements & Team rules

     Meet or exceed performance standards as set by HPP Coaches

     Wherever possible athletes will train and travel as a team under the direction of HPP Coaches 

Questions about the application process or information provided within should be directed to:   David Jensen, Director of USA Curling’s Junior High Performance Program. 701-226-8481,

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