Get ready, curling fans! The production of the fifth season of "Curling Night in America" will take place Aug. 27-29 at the Chaska Curling Center in Chaska, Minn. Episodes begin this fall so start planning your viewing parties. Tickets are now on sale!

If you want to binge watch past seasons, click on the archives on the left. Competing teams to be announced soon! 

We are in need of officials for this event. If you are interested in volunteering, sigh up here!

Competing teams:


  • Women: Nina Roth, Tabitha Peterson, Aileen Geving, Becca Hamilton, Tara Peterson
  • Men: John Shuster, Chris Plys, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, Kroy Nernberger
  • Mixed doubles: Becca Hamilton, Matt Hamilton


  • Men: Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosaner, Sebastiano Arman, Alberto Pimpini
  • Women: Stefania Constantini, Angela Romei, Valeria Girardi, Federica Ghedina
  • Mixed doubles: Veronica Zappone, Simone Gonin


  • Men: Go Aoki, Masaki Iwai, Koki Ogiwara, Takayuki Doi
  • Women: Tori Koana, Arisa Kotani, Yuna Kotani, Mao Ishigaki, Junko Nishimuro
  • Mixed doubles: Ikue Kitazawa, Kohsuke Hirata

China: Teams to be announced