The U.S. Mixed Doubles National Championship began in 2008 in preparation for the debut of the World Mixed Doubles Championship. Mixed Doubles features one female and one male athlete on the ice. Learn more about curling's newest discipline here.

Year  Site  Winning team  Finish at Worlds 
2020 Bemidji, MN  Tabitha Peterson, Joe Polo  
2019  Seattle, WA Cory Christensen, John Shuster 3rd 
2018  Eau Claire, WI Sarah Anderson, Korey Dropkin 13th 
2017  Blaine, MN Becca Hamilton, Matt Hamilton 10th 
2016  Blaine, MN Tabitha Peterson, Joe Polo 3rd
2016  Denver, CO Jessica Schultz, Jason Smith Did not compete
2015  Eau Claire, WI Sarah Anderson, Korey Dropkin 5th 
2014  Medford, WI  Joyance Meechai, Steve Gebauer  19th 
2013  Bismarck, ND  Maureen Stolt, Peter Stolt  12th 
2012  Wayland, MA  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark  4th 
2011  Duluth, MN  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark  7th 
2010  Seattle, WA  Sharon Vukich, Mike Calcagno  10th 
2009  Two Harbors, MN  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark  18th 
2008  Bemidji, MN  Jamie Haskell, Nate Haskell  15th